The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee announces the winners of the Fall 2015 Presidential Excellence Awards.  The award recipients will be publicly recognized at the annual Excellence Awards Ceremony during the Professional Development Forum on May 4, 2016.


 Presidential Excellence Awards — A & P

 First place: Decato Burk, Information Technology Services - Academic Technology

 Runner-up: Ashley Ballard, Health Promotions


 Presidential Excellence Awards — USPS/Out-of-Unit Faculty or OPS

 First place: Michael Trotter, Procurement Services

 Runner-up: Diane Pealor, Biology


 Presidential Quality Customer Service Award:

 Winners (tie): Campus Planning Design and Construction

 Winners (tie): Procurement Services


Presidential Spot Awards: 

Abigail Blumenfeld, ADA Compliance

Christopher Brantley, Training and Services Institute

Heather Burk, Center for Community-Based Learning

Katelyn Chapman, Admissions

Daniel Choisser, User Services

Bill Dickinson, Parking and Transportation Services

Ryan Doan, Center for Community-Based Learning

Nathan Edwards, Information Technology Services

Jeff Gouge, Information Technology Services

Donald Hicks, Physical Facilities

Jessica LeClair, Campus Life

Brett MacLaughlin, Information Technology Services

Joyce Miller, Physical Facilities

Jennifer Miranda, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Jake Moore, LGBT Recourse Center

Zachary Neaves, Student Government

Michael Stathas, Physical Facilities

Geoffrey Whittaker, Information Technology Services