2011 Summer Excellence Awards Recipients Announced 

Soaring to Excellence


Soaring to Excellence Award Summer 2011

Bruce Turner, Valerie Robinson


 Valarie Robinson, 1st Place – Career Services  

Ms. Robinson communicates and interacts with students in a way that expresses her genuine concern for their career success. This view is supported by the vast amount of praise, recognition and gratitude expressed through “thank you” cards and emails that she continuously receives from students she has career counseled. Valarie was one of two Career Services’ staff members mentioned by name in the Spring 2011 Strategic Planning On-Line Survey. Student comments included; “Career Services is great, and so is Ms. Robinson at Arts and Sciences, she was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.” “Valarie Robinson is extremely helpful, always makes time for requests that I have made; She seems genuinely interested in helping and making herself available.” Valarie not only serves UNF students majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences, she contributes her time and talents to the UNF community through the following activities: Career Services’ Presenter for the Summer Transfer Student Orientations, Judge for the Mr. & Mrs. African American Student Union Pageant, Presenter and participant with students as a part of the Pre- Law Program Advisory Board, Presenter for the Jacksonville Commitment Program, represented UNF and Career Services as Co-Presenter for the Duval County Teen Court and she has served on the Theodore & Vivian Johnson’s Scholarship Committee for students with disabilities. Valarie’s high level of professionalism extends to her relations with students, faculty, staff and employers.


Bruce Turner, 2nd Place – Academic Center for Excellence 

Bruce’s student focus and dedication to offering the best service possible is evident in his everyday work performance and is inspiring to others. As an Assistant Director in ACE, his work effects both students and staff throughout the campus on a daily basis. This year he served on the Scholarship Appeals Committee and worked with Admissions during recruiting events in Boca Raton and Tampa. He provided oversight of the communication process focused on improving the academic success of the lower division final probation students. He has served on the University Curriculum Advising and Program Planning Team, the General Education Task Force, presented at the SunGard Higher Education Summit with Director of Roadmaps, Rachel Broderick, in addition to serving as the Assessment Officer for the Academic Advising Council. Bruce’s leadership, willingness to share his knowledge and his commitment to the CAPP team have been instrumental in the nurturing of the academic advising culture on the UNF campus. ACE Executive Director Karen Reedy said that regardless of what tasks or projects he is working on, he works outside scheduled work hours to be sure deadlines are met and projects are completed in a timely manner. 


Outstanding Achievement 

Outstanding Achievement Award Summer 2011

Trudy Cochrane, Justin Glennon


Justin Glennon, 1st Place – Physical Facilities, Landscape and Grounds 
Justin came to UNF in December 2008. He brought a new level of professionalism to the irrigation staff and immediately began to raise the standards of the irrigation system and his team. Most significant is the reduction in UNF’s irrigation water use and waste. Despite expansion of landscaping on campus, additional buildings and new properties, the University’s irrigation water consumption was reduced by forty percent in the past five years. Justin’s attention to detail and self- motivation have led to a rapid team response to problems and a better organized preventative maintenance program. Justin has taken ownership of UNF’s irrigation system. He takes its successes and problems very personally. 

Trudy Cochrane, 2nd Place – Academic Center for Excellence 
Trudy exemplifies the spirit of the Outstanding Achievement Award. She is someone who works extremely hard to provide great customer service and support for the UNF students and staff. She is not a clock-puncher. She is the first person to arrive at the office and will stay late as needed. Trudy has been basically performing the job functions of two full-time staff members, covering for the office assistant vacancy (since February of this year) and her own job responsibilities. Trudy was the person to volunteer to cover the Night Supervisor hours for the Residence Life/ACE Pilot of an Evening Tutoring Program from 6PM-11PM, until they could hire for that position. Overall Trudy is very team spirited and supportive of the UNF and ACE mission. 



Quality Customer Service 

Quality Customer Service Award Summer 2011


Child Development Research Center 
The Child Development Research Center serves UNF students, faculty and the general public. Children are always their first priority and their safety is very important. They want the parents utilizing their services to feel secure when leaving their child at the CDRC, while they work or attend classes. They also offer opportunities on site for parents to build their parenting skills. This past year, CDRC implemented a new check in system, Pro-Care. It has made check-in more convenient for parents and improved communication between parents and staff. One Parent wrote, “I have seen a huge improvement in our son’s overall capabilities. He know loves to read, is always asking questions on how to spell words, and is very keen to learn new things.” The CDRC Staff promotes positive outcomes for all children with thoughtful assessment, well implemented curriculum and effective teaching practices. 


Spot Award 

The following award recipients were “spotted” providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive effect on students, faculty, staff or visitors: 

Pam Niemczyk, Brooks College of Health Dean’s Office 
Jocelyn Heck, Career Services 
Sherri Charles, Controller’s Office 
Jen Muller, Enrollment Services Processing 
Laura Fox, Fraternity and Sorority Life 
Alison Cruess, Information Technology Services 
Oleg Fortun, Information Technology Services 
Sophia Estrada-Lucey, Institutional Advancement 
Jonathan Vaughn, Institutional Advancement 
Ryan Fairbrother, Library 
James Rowley, Life Safety Department 
Padre Beachem, Physical Facilities 
William Carbaugh, Physical Facilities 
Jesse Chewning, Physical Facilities 
Ernest Gamble, Physical Facilities 
Chad Nodine, Physical Facilities 
Jim Reid, Physical Facilities 
Joe Schermann, Physical Facilities 
Michael Trotter, Purchasing 

Congratulations to all award recipients. The Excellence Awards Committee will soon announce a call for nominations for the next award cycle. If you have any questions, please contact Kellie Woodle at kwoodle@unf.edu or 620-1012.