2009 Winter Excellence Awards Recipients Announced 

 2009 Winter Soaring

Soaring to Excellence 

Tully Burnett, 1st Place - Auxiliary Services (pictured right)

Burnett's commitment to the University mission is evidenced by multiple projects that he conceived, developed and implemented. Projects implemented under his leadership affect every member of the UNF community. Burnett's contributions to the University clearly demonstrate a commitment to excellence by his willingness to take on complex special projects and improving the experience for the University community. He has proven to be an excellent steward of University funds in the provision of new programs and systems. He is always seeking ways to provide oversight of University assets while attending to the true needs of the University community. It is clear that Burnett's efforts consistently yield results for UNF.

Michael Biagini, 2nd Place - Financial Systems (pictured left)

Biagini is a tremendous asset and valuably important member of not only the Division of Administration and Finance, but the University as a whole. He has undertaken tremendous challenges with projects both within his own area and those that weren’t his primary responsibility. He led the University’s efforts for a major system upgrade to Banner 8 and has assisted various departments across the campus community with many of their system issues. He drove UNF to become the first university in the country to implement a new online travel system offered by our vendor. Throughout his tenure at UNF, Biagini has shown an unwavering willingness to expand his interest and assistance to areas and concerns beyond the responsibilities of his department. Biagini epitomizes the University’s commitment to excellence, focus, relevance and accountability.

 2009 Winter Outstanding

Outstanding Achievement 

Michelle Argus, 1st Place - Enrollment Services (pictured right)

Her dependability and trademark calmness have made Argus an outstanding role model for the Enrollment Services team. Each and every day, Argus distinguishes herself as not only an exceptionally bright and capable worker, but also as one of the most dependable staff members. She has an incredible work effort and cares very deeply about ensuring that her job is done correctly and as quickly as possible so that students can receive their financial aid in a timely, seamless manner. Her quiet efficiency and ready smile both encourage and inspire all of us to try harder and give more in an effort to emulate her graceful way of dealing with even the most difficult tasks.  Her dedication to doing her very best on all tasks has made Argus one of the most admired members in her office. Argus is a well-rounded staff member and an excellent representative of the University.

Linda Sciarratta, 2nd Place - College of Education and Human Services (pictured left)

The staff, faculty and students of the College of Education and Human Services know they can rely on Sciarratta's consistent professionalism, knowledge, respect and help. Among her many talents is the extraordinary ability to patiently and expertly reach out and teach others. She is the consummate leader and all of the support staff within the COEHS seek her guidance and support on a daily basis. In these tough budgetary times, she has worked tirelessly to be innovative and creative in assisting the college to maximize its resources. The COEHS Dean’s Office and the college run very efficiently because of Sciarratta's managerial and people-centered skills. Sciarratta is a multifaceted, talented individual who is a great asset, not just to the College of Education and Human Services, but to the entire University community.

Quality Customer Service 

Brooks College of Health Advising

The Brooks College of Health Advising Office goes the “extra mile” by providing exceptional customer service to all students. Their main objective is to resolve all student issues within their office, alleviating the inconvenience to students of “rerouting” to other departments. They treat students as a first priority. They endeavor to go above and beyond by setting up various sessions across the campus in student friendly environments. Student surveys indicate overwhelmingly positive satisfaction with their service. They demonstrate the importance of putting service and the needs of others above all to ensure that they are positive role models of their mission statement.

Spot Award 

The following award recipients were “spotted” providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive effect on students, faculty, staff or visitors:

Rod Andrews - Enrollment Services

Zach Brock - ITS

Bob Farnsworth - Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Sabrina Foust - Auxiliary Services

Ellen Gayton - Physical Facilities

Justin Glennon - Physical Facilities

Dedra Harris - President’s Office

Jocelyn Heck - Career Services

Paige Helmer - Enrollment Services

Kiersten Jarvis - The Graduate School

Mualla (Serra) Kekec - Enrollment Services

Ann Lelis - Career Services

Paula Michael Dass - Career Services

Pamela Niemczyk - Brooks College of Health

Donna Oxford - College of Arts and Science

Nancy Purvis - Student Affairs

Paul Schreier - Coggin College of Business

Alvin Tolliver - Physical Facilities

Pat Watson - Enrollment Services

Kaleema Webb - Physical Facilities

Tiffany Winemiller - Institutional Advancement

Congratulations to all award recipients. The Recognition and Rewards Committee will soon announce a call for nominations for the next award cycle. For more information, contact Vivian Senior via e-mail, or at (904) 620-2955.