2007 Summer Excellence Awards Recipients Announced 

 2007 Summer Soaring

Soaring to Excellence Awards 

Kamele “Oupa” Seane - Intercultural Center (Pictured far right)

Oupa Seane’s greatest strength has been his ability to create opportunities for our University and the external community in the area of international exchange and global understanding. He is credited for bringing to us major international figures such as Desmond Tutu, as well as other political and cultural visitors who have enhanced our campus and our efforts to expose students and others to a more global perspective. 


Pamela Bush - University Center (Pictured mid-left)

Pam Bush consistently delivers quality customer service to the patrons of the University Center. Her ability to coordinate multiple events on a daily basis has resulted in the Center having numbers of repeat customers. Pam always meets and exceeds her responsibilities of planning, organizing, costing, and delivering conference services to organizers and meeting planners.

Outstanding Achievement Awards 

Mike Spivey Auxiliary Services (Duplicating) (Pictured far left)

Mike Spivey has an unparalleled commitment to excellence. He is focused on providing quality customer service without wavering. He feels personally responsible for the quality of printed materials, knowing that they make a strong statement about the University’s image. Mike’s greatest contribution to the University is in accountability. He always accepts responsibility for products produced by Duplicating Services and strives to make the next task better than the last.


Mike Trotter - Purchasing (Pictured mid-right)

Mike Trotter “Soars to Excellence” in every aspect of his life, professional as well as personal.  He has become more than a delivery guy. Mike ensures that all packages received are input into the system and delivered quickly to the customer. He frequently comes in early and stays late to get outgoing shipments ready for pick-up. Mike willingly goes out of his way to assist departments with any request. As the USPA President for the past 3+ years and a member of the AFSCME bargaining team, Mike helps make the University a better place to work.

 2007 Summer Quality

Quality Customer Service Award 

Academic Center for Excellence - Division of Academic Affairs

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) goes the extra mile in making real UNF’s commitment to individualized service.  ACE solicits feedback on every service they provide. Each process and procedure they institute is evaluated and when warranted, improved. One improvement involved establishing computer kiosks and having computers available in all of the tutoring rooms. This enables a student to complete an action in myWings immediately. The ACE staff members craft a very delicate balance between independence and involvement. On the one hand, the members of the ACE staff understand the need for students to navigate the University system and treat issues as a teachable moment where they can educate a student about the process and move the student toward independence. On the other hand, many issues would not get resolved without some sort of advisor intervention. It is their culture to make students their first priority.

 2007 Summer Spot

Spot Award Recipients 

Kenton Durrant - Purchasing
Signe Evans - Library
Margaret Terrell - Library

Kenton, Signe and Margaret have been spotted providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive affect on students, faculty, staff or visitors.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!