2006 Winter Excellence Awards Recipients Announced 

 2006 Winter Soaring

Soaring to Excellence 

 William "Bill" McSherry - Information Technology Services  

Bill McSherry’s work with UNF’s administrative systems and processes has enabled UNF to provide quality service to our students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the course of the past few years, as we have gone through enormous system changes, Bill has worked tireless hours and always gone above and beyond what was required. He has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to accept responsibility for situations that are completely outside of his span of control at UNF and will step in front of the “firing line” and report the current malady, obstacle, or hurdle to UNF’s various stakeholders. His personality, sense of humor, and approachability help to break down the walls that often stand between technology and the functional end-user.

Outstanding Achievement - Administrative & Professional 

 Bruce Rouzie - Information Technology Services  

Bruce Rouzie is the man behind the scenes, working each day to develop and deliver the technological tools upon which we have become so dependent. He has dedicated over 19 years of service to the University and, in that time, built the foundation for many of the services we enjoy today. Bruce often works on the weekends or evenings in order to perform changes and enhancements so as not to impact students, faculty, and staff. Even though Bruce has demonstrated an exceptional level of sustained performance, he never burns out. Three recent projects in which he lead the implementation efforts include enhanced student file storage; improved email for students, faculty, and staff; and a university-wide access (login) system. When you think of Bruce, you think “campus-wide initiatives”, “campus-wide impacts”, and “campus-wide outcomes”.

Outstanding Achievement - Support 

 Carrol Reilly - College of Computing, Engineering and Construction 

Carrol Reilly, always thoroughly prepared and focused, is a creative problem solver who can be counted on to get the job done regardless of the circumstances. Her insight and perspective on issues are always well thought out, practical, and results oriented. Carrol constantly seeks better ways to complete routine tasks, and she is an early adopter of new methods and technologies. Carrol’s leadership in the latter is especially important because her pioneering efforts make transitions easier for others. She successfully developed processes and procedures for the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction that were essential to the college’s successful implementation of Banner. Carrol has written effective Banner reference material for other administrative staff in the college and shared her knowledge through staff development and training.

 2006 Winter Quality

Quality Customer Service Award 

 The Counseling Center  

The staff of The UNF Counseling Center provides a wide range of services supporting the psychological and emotional well being of students and the UNF community. Student satisfaction, along with ongoing efforts to improve services and reach out to the UNF community, has resulted in a significant increase in the number of students using the center's services. It has also lead to a psychologically and emotionally healthier UNF community overall.

On a daily basis, staff members assist students coping with serious psychological and behavioral issues related to eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, abuse and other areas of victimization or trauma. Staff members are often present with students and parents during the most difficult of situations including the loss of a loved one, or the aftermath of a suicide or other on-campus crisis. In addition, students who do not have access to mental health support services can get the help they need through the Counseling Center. In the past, for example, all students were referred to off-campus care for psychiatric medication evaluations. Now, students can be evaluated on campus and provided a written prescription if recommended.

Here are a few of the many positive comments the Counseling Center has received recently from UNF students:

“The services I received from the Counseling Center have given me my life back”

“I can definitely say that with my counselor’s help my transition through this has been a career/lifesaving time, because up to this point, I haven’t stopped school and (have) continued on my new path…thanks to my counselor’s help and guidance in keeping myself on track as my health has slowly (and) greatly improved.”

“Without it, I don’t believe I’d be here at all today. I feel as though my well-being is honestly cared about and the sessions with my counselor have completely turned my life around. It gives me relief and I recommend it to all of my friends who are struggling emotionally.”

The recipients will be ceremoniously recognized at the Professional Development Forum Luncheon to be held on April 12, 2007.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!