Important Reminders

from the Office of Human Resources

November 2014



 Minimum Wage Increase
Effective Thursday, January 1, the Florida minimum wage will increase from $7.93 to $8.05. Any employee making less than $8.05 per hour will receive an automatic wage increase. Departments won't need to send PAFs or EPAFs to the Office of Human Resources to make these payroll changes; however, any appointments/changes effective on or after Jan. 1, must reflect the new minimum wage. For more information, contact Linda Walton, associate director of Human Resources, at or (904) 620-2942.


 New Hires/Salary Administrative Actions Deadline Date
All budgeted new hires with the exception of nine-month faculty and all full-time OPS employees must begin work on or before Monday, December 8, or wait until Monday, January 5, to begin. While employment offers can be made during this period, the last day for an employee to start work before winter break will be Dec. 8. This also includes all salary administrative actions (i.e. departmental promotions, reclassifications and special pay increases) that haven't received final approval to be effective-dated Dec. 8, will be effective-dated January 5. For questions, contact the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2903.

Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment
The sick leave pool open enrollment will end Friday, December 5. Employees with one year of service and a minimum balance of 64 hours of sick leave by the pay period ending Dec. 5, are eligible to join. The effective date of coverage is Thursday, January 1. Current members don't need to reapply. To obtain an enrollment form, click here or visit Building 1, Daniel Hall, Office of Human Resources, Room 1101. All applications must be received by close of business Dec. 5. Applicants will be notified by mail confirming receipt of their applications. Questions should be directed to Linda Walton, associate director of Human Resources, at (904) 620-2942.


 Annual Leave Rollover
Annual leave hours in excess of the year-end maximums will roll into sick leave hours, hour for hour, as of Wednesday, December 31. Year-end maximums are:

• Support employees: 240 hours
• A&P employees/12-month faculty: 352 hours
• Executive service: 480 hours

2014 Winter Break/2015 Spring Break Holidays
The days off for the winter break holidays and spring break 2015 are set. Once again, President Delaney is giving the campus community additional days off for the winter break and spring break. All budgeted support, administrative, faculty (nine and 12 months), executive and sworn law enforcement employees will receive paid holiday leave for this winter break, beginning Wednesday, December 24, through Thursday, January 1. This is a total of 9 days off. Normal campus operations will resume Friday, Jan. 2. In addition, the last two days of spring break, Thursday, March 19, and Friday, March 20, will be paid holidays. For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at or at (904) 620-2903.

In order to be paid for any holiday, the employee must be in a "paid leave status" the day before the holiday. "Paid leave status" means the employee is at work or using accrued leave time. This year, the employees need to be in a paid status on Tuesday, Dec. 23 in order to be paid for winter break. Support employees will need to list Wednesday, Dec. 24, through Friday, December 26 and Monday, December 29 through Thursday, Jan. 1, as regular holidays on their time sheets in order to be paid for those hours. A&P and 12-month faculty do not need to list the above days on their time sheet in order to be paid.

Those who have taken leave time between Saturday, Dec. 6, and Friday, Dec. 19, must submit a time sheet to their supervisor by the Dec. 19, deadline to avoid having to complete a late time sheet upon their return. Employees planning to take leave time need to ensure proxies have been set up to approve on the employees' behalf. For any questions, contact Linda Walton, associate director of Human Resources, at (904) 620-2942 or Miguel Gabertan, assistant controller in the Controller's Office, at (904) 620-2715. 



ePAF Phase II

The Office of Human Resources is proud to announce the release of Phase II of the Electronic Personnel Action Form!

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) can be accessed through the Employee Self Service function in myWings and allows Hire/Re-Hire Actions and Change Actions to be submitted in a paperless form and then approved electronically.
The following human resource transactions are available through the ePAF process:

1. Supplemental Contracts
2. Labor Distribution changes (pre-pay period)
3. Extending dates for hourly and salary employees
4. Salary changes for hourly employees
5. Title Changes
6. Promotion (budgeted only)
7. OPS/Student Rehire into New or Existing Position

Beginning January 1, 2015, paper PAFs for the above transactions will no longer be accepted by Human Resources. 
Please begin using ePAF now!  Should there be any questions or problems, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x-2903.

Click here for the ePAF Training Manual.

The implementation of ePAF II consisted of configuring paper-based human resource operational activities to web-based applications.  These Human Resource transactions will be completed through self-service screens thereby eliminating the need for paper documents to process most Human Resource transactions.  The purpose of ePAF II is to reduce the time to complete and approve human resource transactions.