Important Reminders

from the Office of Human Resources - June 2015


Support Staff Personal Holiday
Support employees with regular status who have not used their personal holiday during the current fiscal year must use it no later than Tuesday, June 30th. If you are not sure if you used your personal holiday, log into “Employee Self Service” and click on “Time Off Current Balances and History.” An available balance of hours under Personal Holiday indicates the personal day has not been used. For additional information, contact Linda Walton or Thuan Phan in the Office of Human Resources at extension 2903.

Verify and Update Address
Please verify the accuracy of your home address on your next paycheck statement. The address on record is used for numerous important communications. To change your address, log into “Employee Self Service,” click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “Update Address.” Please update the Permanent or “PR” address choice. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Human Resources at extension 2903.

Campus Alert System
The Campus Alert System allows campus administrators to send faculty and staff an automatic voicemail when an urgent situation on campus arises, therefore employees are asked to provide emergency contact information. You may enter this information by logging into “Employees Self Service,” click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “Campus Emergency Alert System.”

Emergency Contact Information
Employees are reminded to verify the accuracy of their emergency contact information by logging into “Employee Self Service.” Click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “View Emergency Contacts.” If your emergency contact has changed or you wish to add an additional contact, please make the necessary updates.

Workers’ Compensation
In the event of a medical emergency, an injured employee should immediately be transported to the nearest medical facility for treatment and AmeriSys (UNF’s workers’ compensation administration partner) should be notified a soon as possible thereafter. All other injuries, regardless of whether treatment is sought, should be reported to and be coordinated through AmeriSys. Click here for detailed information.

Disclosure of Outside Activity
Employees working outside of the University of North Florida, or those who are engaged in outside activities where the need to verify that no conflict of interest exists, are reminded that a new Disclosure of Outside Activity form must be completed and approved for year 2015 -2016. Please click here to access the form.

Forms/Reference Guides/Manuals
Please use the latest versions located on the Human Resources website and discard or update those that have been saved to your desktop.

Pre-Employment Background checks
As part of the effort to create safe work and study environment, UNF now requires that a background check be conducted on prospective new hires as a condition of employment. A new hire is defined as a new employee or an OPS employee who is promoted to a budgeted position. New student employees (including Graduate Assistants) are not included in this program.

Recruitment and Employment
Please contact Brian Becker, Employment Coordinator, for assistance with A&P and/or Faculty positions through August, 2015 while Kolanda Douglas is on leave. Brian will continue to provide assistance with Support, OPS and/or Student positions.

Job Offers/Salary Confirmations
Please be reminded that departments are required to consult with Human Resources prior to extending any A&P or Support Staff job offers above the authorized range. Additionally, Human Resources must review salary changes and provide final approval before any changes are communicated to employees.

e-PAF Submission
The Electronic Personnel Action Form (e-PAF) is accessed through the Employee Self Service application in myWings. This allows actions to be submitted in a paperless form and approved electronically.
The following human resource transactions must be submitted through the e-PAF process:

1. Supplemental Contracts
2. Labor Distribution changes
3. Extending dates for hourly and salary employees
4. Salary changes for hourly employees
5. Title Changes
6. OPS/Student Rehire into New or Existing Positions

Paper PAFs for the above transactions will no longer be accepted by Human Resources.

Concerns and Issues
For Title IX/Discrimination concerns, click here or call extension 2507.
For Employee Relations concerns, please call extension 2981.