Living Learning Community


S.T.E.M.  - for first year students

Interested in a S.T.E.M. major/career?  Want to live with others who share your interest?

The STEM LLC connects first year students interested in pursuing a degree or career in sciences, technology, engineering and math. The living-learning community will intentionally develop students in academic and professional skills needed to succeed in their career choice and socially at UNF.


As a participant in the STEM LLC, a student can expect to...

  • Develop an understanding of academic requirements needed to pursue a major in a science, technology, engineering or math field
  • Interact with faculty, staff, field professionals and students inside and outside the classroom
  • Explore professions and resources both within and outside of the UNF community


Applicant Requirements:

  • Must complete a Housing Contract and be eligible to participate in the housing room selection process.
  • Must be in good standing academically, and with University and Housing and Residence Life Conduct.
  • Must intend to pursue a S.T.E.M. major and/or career.


Events in process:

We can set up a common meeting day and time for weekly or bi-weekly sessions for the students. I am happy to work with you on the curriculum possibilities.


Applicable Majors:

Majors of Science (Chemistry, & Physics), Technology (computing & Info Science), Engineering, and Math



  • Required
    • Complete the course required for the community (i.e., College Algebra, Calculus I or Calculus for Business for Fall 2013)
    • Attend S.T.E.M. LLC meetings and participate in associated activities outlined by the community calendar
    • Be an active member of hte community and gain leadership experience
  • Opportunities 
    • Meet and greet with S.T.E.M. professionals
    • Participate in service learning projects and/or trips
    • Receive peer mentoring from S.T.E.M. students
    • Lead a social or service event for the entire community
    • Participating in the STEM Jumpstart Experience




Sarah Friswold



Dei Allard