iHouse perfect dayFall 2014  

The UNF International House (“iHouse”) is an on-campus community that offers an amazing opportunity for students to LIVE THE WORLD right here on UNF’s campus! It’s a chance to live and experience every day in a unique, international setting with exciting people and engaging activities. Globalize your lifestyle and become a resident of the UNF iHouse!

Apply for 2015-2016 


First year students with international interests.


The iHouse is a collaboration between the UNF International Center and Housing and Residence Life to offer you a unique global community. You will:

  • Connect to a small close knit community sharing a common experience 
  • Intentionally explore international cultures
  • Socially engage with your iHouse roommates and neighbors
  • Actively work to educate other UNF students 
  • Be provided information about opportunities to study abroad during your tenure at UNF

  • Enjoy exciting intercultural activities such as:
    • World Cinema Nights
    • International Dinners/Potlucks
    • Guest Speaker Programs
    • Leadership Training Programs
    • Community Service Weekends
    • Cultural Games
    • Cook-outs
    • And More! 


The iHouse will be located in the Crossings community. You will have the opportunity to live with a community of up to 20 students engaged in this international learning.


As a member of the iHouse community, you will live and work with students dedicated to the iHouse global experience. These students are eager to learn about other cultures, meet individuals from different countries, and further their knowledge of the world around them. Residents of the iHouse will have the opportunity to build life-long friendships and gain respect and understanding for other cultures.


How do you become a part of this invaluable, one-of-a-kind on-campus community? To live at the UNF iHouse, and complete the UNF Housing LLC application.