Living Learning Community
Honors L.E.A.D.

L.E.A.D. = Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, and Development

 Apply for 2015-2016


Students entering their second year of college or above live in the Honors L.E.A.D. Community within Osprey Fountains.The L.E.A.D. community is designed for Honors students who want to explore their leadership potential, expand their social network, and engage in the surrounding Jacksonville community.


 L.E.A.D. students can expect to gain experiences unavailable to most students including:

  • Enrich your leadership skills.

  • Lead as innovators for the development of Honors Events.

  • Build relationships with prospective Honors Students.

  • Serve as a mentor and positive role model to first year Honors students. 

  • Explore the art of conversation with UNF faculty.