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two resident talking at a bike rack outside of Osprey Village

Osprey Village

Osprey Village Apartments house 435 students in one and two-bedroom furnished apartments with full kitchen and bath. Each of the seven, three-story apartment buildings features an attractive "New Orleans" style central courtyard. The one-bedroom apartment is a single-story, "flat" style unit made up of 400 square feet of living space. Two students share this style apartment. The two-bedroom, "townhouse" apartment features a spiral staircase leading from the living room to a loft-style bedroom on the second floor. Two-bedroom apartments are shared by four students. Total square-footage for the two-bedroom is 550 square feet.

All apartments are kitchen-equipped and completely furnished (with the exception of linens and kitchenware). A Laundry room facilitated by MacGray, is also located in the complex. Students must provide their own television and computer equipment to access these services.

Osprey Village offers many amenities. Students are able to enjoy a great game of volleyball on our wonderful volleyball court. Students can also enjoy a game of basketball on our outside basketball court. Osprey Village is also right next to Osprey Clubhouse, which has a game room, swimming pool and some delicious Pita Pit that is open seven days a week throughout the semester.



One Bedroom

 Floorplan of Village 1 Bedroom  


 Two Bedroom

 Floorplan of Village 2 Bedroom


Buildings A-G


Persons with disabilities who need additional assistance reading the floor plan, please contact the main Housing and Residence Life office at (904) 620 - 4663.  


Osprey Village Rates

Fall 2018/Spring 2019
Furnished Space 1 Bedroom Unit 
(Per person, per semester)
Furnished Space 2 Bedroom Unit 
(Per person, per semester)

Osprey Village Features

Osprey Village Images

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  • Wooden bed with black sheets.
  • Wooden desk with a wooden cushioned chair.
  • Two wooden chairs with black cushions built into them.
  • Wooden sofa with black cushions built into them.
  • Two tall wooden chairs at a counter top.

Osprey Village Images

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  • Two students on a court talking with some of the Village buildings.
  • Tables with yellow umbrellas surrounded by greenery and the Osprey Village buildings.
  • Three residents standing outside of Osprey Village surrounded by greenery wearing UNF shirts.



Fire Alarm Procedures

 red and yellow Fire

During ALL Fire Alarms, all students and guests MUST leave the building immediately. Students are not to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by Housing and Residence Life staff or the University Police Department. Students and guests refusing to vacate or returning before they are told to do so by a University Official are subject to disciplinary action and/or a fine from the police.


Buildings A-D, evacuate to Parking Lot 12 or the Robinson Theatre Loop.
Building E, evacuate to the Basketball courts or Parking Lot 12.
Building F, evacuate to Parking Lot 11 or the Clubhouse.
Building G, evacuate to the Basketball Courts or the Clubhouse.


 View Fire Exit Map



Cleaning Standards

 Cleaning products

Residents are to have their apartments thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the established cleaning standards.  If an apartment or room is not cleaned to the outlined standards, all residents of the room or apartment may be held equally responsible for the charges associated with the extra cleaning. Failure to thoroughly clean the room or apartment to the specified standards will result in a minimum of $50 cleaning fee for each area (i.e., kitchen area, living area, bath area).


Clean all common areas of your apartment.  These areas must be cleaned by the time the FIRST resident in your apartment checks-out.  These areas must remain clean throughout the check-out period.  Otherwise, your check-out may be delayed and/or result in cleaning charges.


The carpet in the living room and bedroom(s) are to be thoroughly vacuumed.


Cleaning of Housing Furnishings
The living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and the tops and insides of the built-in drawers in the bedrooms are to be cleaned so that all dirt and/or dust is removed.


Cleaning of Walls, Windows, and Door Surfaces
The baseboards in all rooms are to be cleaned. Walls in all rooms are to be cleaned to remove any tape, dirt, and/or marks. Spider webs are to be removed from the ceiling areas. Living room and bedroom blinds, windows, and windowsills are to be cleaned. Both sides of the front and back doors must be cleaned of all tape, residue, chalk, mildew, or other marks.


Removal of Trash and Garbage
All trash, personal belongings, and garbage must be removed from the apartment. The patio or balcony area outside of the living room needs to be swept, free from personal items, and the railings are to be cleaned.


Kitchen Area
The oven must be cleaned of all residues. The stovetop, including burner pans, must be cleaned. The sink and counter tops need to be cleaned. The floor must be swept and scrubbed to remove all spills and stains. The doors and shelves of the upper and lower cabinets must be wiped down. The inside and outside of the refrigerator must be cleaned thoroughly and emptied of all food contents. The refrigerator drawers must be emptied and cleaned. Mildew around the door gaskets is to be removed.


Bathroom Area
The bathtub must be clean, with all mold, mildew, and hard water or soap scum stains removed. The tile walls are to be cleaned completely free of mildew, soap scum, and stains. The tiles are to be shiny with no residue remaining. The outer surface of the toilet bowl is to be cleaned, and the inside of the bowl is to be free from stains. The bathroom floor and baseboards are to be mopped and cleaned. The sink and counter of the vanity area are to be cleaned, with all hair, soap scum, and stains removed. The mirror is to be cleaned with glass cleaner and is not to be cloudy. The interior and exterior of the medicine cabinets are to be cleaned.




Persons with disabilities who need additional assistance reading the calendar events, please contact Housing and Residence Life at (904) 620 - 4663.


Residence Life Coordinator


Name: DeWayne Anderson




Residence: Osprey Village and Hall


Biography: DeWayne joined the UNF family Fall of 2017 and overseas Osprey Hall and Osprey Village. He received his Master Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA and his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Clarion University in Clarion, PA. DeWayne is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is extremely passionate about social justice and promoting positivity by meditating and getting in tune with the earth. In his free time, he loves to workout, meditate, and write poetry.



 R L C DeWayne Anderson smiling

 Osprey Village Student Staff residents Spring 2018


Student Staff Members of Osprey Village, Spring 2018.