Faculty Needing Student Posters Printed for Courses & Department Symposia

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is to support undergraduates engaged in research and other forms of scholarship.  Poster printing is a courtesy extended by OUR - depending to some degree on available personnel and supplies - to enable students to present their research at conferences.  A student must be the first author on posters submitted to OUR for printing.   


Faculty may have posters on which they are first author printed for conferences and other activities in the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT) 


Disclaimer - Although OUR is not responsible for printing posters for courses and department symposia, we will consider doing so on a case by case basis depending on staffing, available supplies, and scheduled printing for conferences.  OUR hosts the annual university wide Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research and Scholarship (SOARS) on the last Friday of regular classes during the spring term.  We also assist a large contingency of undergraduate scholars attending the annual Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) during the spring term each year in February.  Poster printing for these two events is frequently of such high volume that OUR cannot print course and symposia posters during these periods.  We recommend that faculty teaching courses in which they plan to have students present posters contact the Coordinator of OUR while developing a syllabus and prior to the beginning of the term to determine availability of printing services. Faculty coordinating department symposia should also contact theCoordinator of OUR no later than the beginning of the term in which they plan to hold the symposia.  


Below you can learn more about OUR’s poster printing services for UNF courses. 


Registering your course with OUR.   

Contact the Coordinator of the Office of Undergraduate Research (LouAnne Hawkins) to determine availability of printing services.  We recommend that faculty contact OUR prior to scheduling poster assignments or department symposia to determine availability of printing.  OUR reserves the right to assign deadlines for file submission for printing and may be unable to provide printing during peak periods (e.g., SOARS, FURC, large professional conferences).  


 When contacting OUR, faculty should know the number of posters their class or symposia will require in addition to the desired poster size. Once deadlines have been negotiated with OUR, the professor will be enrolled in the Poster Printing link on Blackboard.  A file folder for the course or symposia will be created on Blackboard. The professor will be able to submit poster files for students in their class or in the symposium. OUR cannot enroll individual stduents in Blackboard for courses or symposia. To do so would create an overwhelming burden for OUR which is frequently staffed with only one person.  


File requirements for printing  

  • All posters should be designed in Microsoft PowerPoint and submitted in .ppt or .pptx format.   
  • Students should NOT use Mac computers to design posters in PowerPoint.  There are always conversion issues.  Have students use a PC to create posters; it will make your life and the students’ lives simpler!  
  • All files should be checked by faculty before submitting the files to Blackboard (e.g., proper size, not pixelated).  Files submitted on Blackboard will be converted and printed as is. 
  • Slides created in PowerPoint should be sized to desired poster dimensions one side of which cannot exceed 42 inches (e.g., 36” x 48” for trifold boards, 42” x 56” for wall mounted posters). 
  •  For courses, files should be named with the last name(s) of each author and the CRN for the course (e.g., Brown_Smith_Jones_51287.pptx). 
  • For department symposia, files should be named with the last name(s) of each author and the department (e.g., Brown_Smith_Jones_nutrition.pptx).

Once students complete their PowerPoint file for poster printing, the professor can upload each file into the course folder for their course or for the appropriate department symposium located on the Poster Printing Blackboard.  Any reprints will be printed time permitting and at an additional cost. 


 Paying for Course or Symposium Courses 


Students Paying for Course or Symposium Posters 

The cost for poster printing is determined by the length of the longest side of the poster in inches x $.38, For example, a 36" x 48" poster would be 48 x .36 = $18.24 + tax. Students may pay for a poster by going to Marketplace on the poster printing homepage and entering the requested information. Students may pay by echeck or by credit card.  


 Department or program Paying for Posters 

OUR will submit an invoice to the department/program Office Manager.  A journal transfer from that department or program can then be made to OUR.  Any other payment arrangements must be made in advance. 


Other poster services provided by OUR  

 Office of Undergraduate Research personnel are also available to provide presentations on poster construction and professional presentations.  Professors may want to consult the Poster Construction website for additional instructional resources.  At a minimum, we recommend that OUR provides a handout specifically designed for your course informing students of poster file requirements.  Please contact the Coordinator of OUR to arrange for handouts or to schedule presentations.