Honors Capstone Pre-Capstone Packet

The Basics 

(1) The purpose of this “packet” is twofold. First and foremost, it is for you; it will play a large role in ensuring that you have a meaningful, fruitful, and smooth Capstone experience. Second, it serves as the means by which the Honors Committee evaluates and either approves or disapproves your project.


(2) Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them vigilantly. Packets that deviate from these instructions will not be considered; the projects in them will not be put up for approval.  Please contact an Honors advisor if you have any questions. You will submit the packet to them.


(3) This Pre-Capstone Packet must be submitted for approval the semester prior to your proposed experience. No retroactive submissions will be considered.


(4) Submit all of the “packet” components together. Make sure to label each component clearly.


The Components of the Pre-Capstone Packet

* All Pre-Capstone Packets must include the following four major components, their subsections, and the “Capstone Proposal Coversheet."


I. The Proposal


Please answer each of the following questions in a cogent, thoughtful, detailed, specific, thorough, and well-structured series of responses. As with any project proposal, specifics are the key. Make sure to label and answer each prompt separately.


1.    As specifically as you can, describe the project you propose to do as you Capstone.  

  • If it is research, make sure to include sources, etc. If it is a study abroad, give not only the locale but as many details about the program as possible. If it is an internship, explain not only where you would intern, but also the nature of the work you will do and your responsibilities.

2.     How does your proposed Capstone fit in with your course of study?   

  • That is, how does what you have done so far at UNF prepare you for and lead to your Capstone project? How does the project “cap” your studies at UNF? How will this Capstone enable you to demonstrate an integrated understanding of your field of study?

3.     How does your proposed Capstone prepare you for what you hope to do in the future (i.e. after graduation and later in life)?  

  • Make sure to explain what you hope to do after graduation, be it graduate school, employment, etc. Clarify how your proposed Capstone helps to prepare you for that.

4.     What are your learning objectives and expectations? Overall, what do you hope to get out of and achieve with this project?  

5.     As part of the Honors Colloquium, you wrote a retirement biography; look back at it and what you envisioned as your future.   

  • In what ways have your plans and aspirations changed? Why? In what way does your Capstone reflect that? 

II. Timetable


Please provide a specific timetable for implementing your Capstone project. This is a specific, organized, and clear sketch or table of how you plan to accomplish what you have described above. Make sure to include the following:


  1. The beginning and end dates of your project.

  2. What you will do and when on a weekly (or daily basis).

  3. The due dates of each aspect of your project. 
    • For instance, if you are doing a research/scholarship/creative project, what is the timeframe during which you expect to do the research? When is the first draft due? When is the final version due? If there are multiple aspects to your project, when do each of them happen? If you do a study abroad, give, to the best of your ability, the specific daily program you will follow, including classes, trips, etc.
  4. If you will meet regularly with your supervisor, explain when; otherwise, explain when your plan for communicating with your mentor. 


III. Supervisor 


Explain who will supervise your Capstone. Make sure to clarify the following: 

  1. What will your supervisor’s responsibilities be? That is, how will s/he help you to achieve your Capstone goal?

  2. Why have your chosen this person as your supervisor? That is, what credentials, position, qualities, etc. does s/he in particular have that enables him/her to oversee and guide your project?

  3. What are your expectations for your relationship with your supervisor? 


IV. Supervisor Recommendation

Have the faculty member supervising your research, your internship supervisor, etc. complete the “ Supervisor Recommendation."

  • You must submit parts one, two, and three of this packet to your supervisor before he/she writes your recommendation. At the same time, you should also provide him/her with the “Supervisor’s Evaluation Form” from the Post-Capstone Packet so that your supervisor is not only aware of your project and your expectations of it, but also has the questions that he/she will be asked to address in the evaluation and can think about them over the course of the experience. 


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