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Critical Writing Links

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Text Etc- deals with the craft and theory of poetry: composition, analysis and improvement of literary work, including translation and the creation of good copies of well-known poems.


MLA Documentation - How to do it. University of Wisc.-Madison

MLA-Everything. How it looks. Citing sources (scroll to bottom). Purdue University.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

Quick Reference: Endnotes.com / How to write footnotes, endnotes and electronic references in a proper format

WEB GRAMMAR: Web Resources for Teaching, Testing, Evaluation. Also some good self-study for students. Shauna Shapiro.

The Skidmore Guide to Writing: Clear, concise, easy to understand guide to college writing. Recommended.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White - this classic grammar guide asserts that one most know the rules to break them. Simple and authoritative but this version is somewhat dated. Be warned.

Chicago Manual of Style Online: The Chicago Manual of Style is considered the "bible" of the research and publishing communities.

50 Years of Research on Writing: What Have We Learned: Three of the world's leading scholars in the field of writing instruction and research examine the state of knowledge in the field and its relevance to questions about teaching and learning writing.

Writing Matters: This site at West Texas A&M University provides resources for online handbooks, online writing centers, libraries, approaches to teaching composition, writing theory, and electronic texts. They provide a helpful rating system for their links. Worthwhile for teachers and students.

Copyright Clearance Center: Get Permission


Note: It may seem redundant to have so many links for a single type of information, as is often the case on this page. But not all words speak equally well to everyone. Browse. Find the words that best speak to you what you want to know.

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Strengthening Arguments

Alternative Writing Styles


Writing In the Disciplines


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WAC Faculty Resources


  • assignment design: view tried and true assignments from various colleges and universities and articles on including writing in your curriculum. Coe College.
  • Word Shop: a series of information sheets on WAC theories and practices. These word shop files should help faculty integrate a variety of writing tasks into courses across all disciplines. Coe College.
  • Aunt Pammie Blogspot: Blog for writing teachers
  • Communication Theory