Psychology Graduate Program Student Handbook 1. Getting Started

1.1 Academic Advising


All graduate students are advised either by their Graduate Program Director or, in some cases by the college’s academic advising office. Your advisor can and should assist you in developing a course of study and selecting courses to fit your academic goals.


The Director of the MAGP program is Dr. Tracy Alloway. She can be contacted during her office hours in Bldg. 51/3436. She can also be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at (904) 620-1614. Dr. Alloway is assisted by a MAGP Committee consisting of Psychology Graduate Faculty. 


1.2 MAGP Faculty

The UNF Department of Psychology strives to maintain a faculty that is diverse in interests, expertise, and backgrounds.  MAGP students should try to meet all the faculty; to this end, the Department offers colloquia as well as various social and professional functions.  All faculty are (or in the case of new faculty, soon will be) members of the UNF Graduate Faculty.  As such, they are qualified to serve as advisors for graduate students and to teach graduate courses.  The full-time faculty and their areas of professional interest can be found on the department website