General Psychology Graduate Student Handbook


Dear Student:



Welcome to the Master of Arts in General Psychology (MAGP) program. Beginning any new endeavor may be daunting at times, and the start of your graduate education is no exception. It is our hope that this handbook and the orientation process will help guide you through the exciting challenges that lie ahead.


This manual serves as a supplement to the UNF Graduate School Student Handbook and graduate catalog. Please keep in mind that university policies change and it is important that you continue to keep yourself informed of any changes during your tenure at UNF by reviewing updated information at It is also possible that some departmental policies and university policies may not coincide perfectly. The university provides minimum standards, which may be exceeded by departmental standards. Therefore, the more rigorous of any conflicting policies should guide your decisions and judgments in the MAGP program. 


This MAGP student handbook contains important information you need to succeed in the program, but the manual is only helpful if you carefully review the content.  So please take the opportunity to read the manual and note any questions or concerns you may have.  


The faculty and staff of the Department of Psychology program are eager to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact the Program Director or Graduate Secretary if you need additional clarification or support. Again, welcome to the MAGP program.




Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D.
Director, MAGP program

Faculty Contact Information




Phone Number

Dr. Lori Lange

Departmental Chair 

(904) 620-1624

Dr. Tracy Alloway   

Director of the MAGP Program

(904) 620-1614

Alicia Crystalus

Graduate Secretary

(904) 620-2807


For a complete listing of departmental faculty and advisors, click here.  


1. Getting Started
  • 1.1 Academic Advising
  • 1.2 MAGP Faculty

  • 2. Degree Requirements
  • 2.1 Mission Statement
  • 2.2 Expected Learning Outcomes
  • 2.3 Master of Arts in General Psychology Degree Requirements
  • 2.4 Capstone Experience Assessment Strategy
  • 2.5 Thesis Requirements
  • 2.6 Graduation
  • 2.7 Sample Timeline for MAGP Students
  • 2.8 Course Listings/Descriptions

  • 3. Financial Support
  • 3.1 In-state vs. Out-of-state Designations

  • 4. Policies & Procedures
  • 4.1 Academic Integrity and Professionalism
  • 4.2 Good Academic Standing
  • 4.3 Probation/Suspension/Removal
  • 4.4 Drop-add, Withdrawals, and Incomplete Grades
  • 4.5 Transfer Hours
  • 4.6 Course Content
  • 4.7 Time Limits
  • 4.8 Academic Appeals
  • 4.9 Policies that cannot be Waived by Petition
  • 4.10 University Appeals Process

  • 5. Resources
  • 5.1 Bookstore
  • 5.2 Career Services
  • 5.3 Information Technology Services
  • 5.4 One-Stop Student Services