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Graduate Student Handbook




The Graduate School has complied a Graduate Student Handbook to provide you the information and the resources you need to successfully navigate your graduate experience here at UNF. 


In addition to this guide, you are advised to read your Graduate Program Handbook as it is specific to your program.  While the Graduate Student Handbook contains valuable information related to your graduate experience, your Graduate Program Handbook addresses requirements for your particular program of study and is a valuable resource as you pursue your graduate degree.  It is your responsibility to review the information both in this handbook and in your Graduate Program Handbook as you will be held responsible for abiding by its content. 

Graduate Student Handbook


Graduate School Contact Information




Phone Number

John Kantner 

Dean of the Graduate School

(904) 620-1360

Megan Kuehner

Director of the Graduate School   (904) 620-1361
Paige Lilley Coordinator of Admissions (904) 620-1755
Leah Carpenter Coordinator of Outreach & Recruitment (904) 620-5340
Ada Urbizu      Admissions Processor     (904) 620-1360
Peter Durr      Office Assistant (904) 620-1034



Student Responsibility to Stay Informed


It is the student's responsibility to keep informed of all rules, regulations, and procedures required for graduate studies.  Graduate program regulations will not be waived or exceptions granted because students plead ignorance of the regulations or claim failure of the adviser to keep them informed.  As such, students are responsible for reading both the Graduate School Student Handbook and their individual departmental Graduate Program Student Handbook and will be held responsible for abiding by their contents.