UNF School of Engineering (SoE) Graduate Student Handbook 5. Policies and Procedures

5.1 Academic Integrity

The School of Engineering strongly values Academic Integrity and adheres to the UNF’s Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct Policies . Under no circumstances does the School approve of cheating, fabrication and falsification, multiple submissions, plagiarism, abuse of academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Possible actions in case of academic misconduct are outlined on UNF’s Academics Integrity and Academic Misconduct policies page .

5.2 GPA Minimums

Each of the School of Engineering programs requires students to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

5.3 Good Academic Standing

A student must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to maintain good academic standing, and must earn a grade of C or better in each course.

5.4 Satisfactory Academic Progress

In addition to maintaining a GPA of 3.0, students should meet his/her program of study requirements and should follow the policies outlined in the University Catalog.

5.5 Probationary Admission Stipulations

Students admitted provisionally need to meet the provisions outline in their admission letter before being fully admitted into the Engineering Graduate Program. Failure to meet these provisions will disqualify admission into the program.


5.6 Probation/Suspension/Removal

The School of Engineering adheres to the University policy on probation and suspension.

5.7 Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions

Students wishing to earn credits at another institution towards UNF’s program of study should acquire the necessary approvals using the Concurrent Enrollment form prior to taking a course at the other institution. This form is available through One-Stop Student Services.


Students wishing to transfer credits towards the program of study should be familiar with the Graduate Transfer Credit Policy . The School of Engineering Graduate Students should be aware that there is an exception to this policy as outlined in the “ School of Engineering Conditions for the degree ” in the UNF Catalog. This exception provides opportunities for students to earn a limited number of credits from on-line courses offered through the Florida State University System.


Students wishing to transfer credits form another institution must fill out the Transfer of Credit Request Form and submit it along with the transcript from the other institution to the faculty advisor and then acquire the necessary signatures on the form before submitting it to the Graduate School. The School of Engineering only accept grades of B or higher to be transferred into a student’s program of study.


5.8 Graduate School General Policies and Procedures

Graduate Students should be familiar with the Graduate Student Policies.