Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student Handbook
6. Student Opportunities

6.1 Personal Counseling for Students

While individual counseling foreachstudent is not required,students arestronglyencouraged toparticipatein theirown personaltherapy. TheUNFCounselingCenter,located inFounders Hall,Building2, provides individual counselingat no additional cost to students.  This is important not only to help you understand the counseling experience from a client’s perspective but also to help you participate in self-care as you go through this Program, which may trigger personal issues. If you are doing any of your clinical experiences in the counseling center the center staff can assist you in making arrangements for counseling.

6.2 Professional Organizations

S tudents are encouragedto join local, stateand national professionalassociations.  Students are also highly encouraged to be active participants in their professional associations.  This level of participation includes submission of papers and poster; participation on student specific committees and any other student let experience. Thebenefits ofmembershiparenetworkingwith professional counselors and developing increased knowledgein thefield from workshops, meetings,andrelevant journal articles. Organizations ofinterestinclude:

    6.3 Chi Sigma Iota

    Ch i Sigma Iota is theInternational Honor Societyofprofessionalcounseling.Its mission is to promotescholarships, research,professionalism, leadershipand excellencein counseling,and to recognizehighattainment in the pursuit ofacademic andclinical excellencein theprofession of counseling.Invitation to applytotheUNFchapterofChi SigmaIotais based upon thefollowing criteria:

    1. C ompletion ofonesemesterof full-timegradecoursework
    2. Earnedgradepointaverageof3.5orhigher
    3. R ec ommendation of themembershipbythe SigmaPhi Epsilon chapter

    F or furtherinformation contactDr. Richmond D. Wynn , Chapter FacultyAdvisor; or contact ChiSigmaIota

    6.4 Data Analysis, Word Processing, and the Help Desk

    Students have access to word processing, data analysis,and other computer functions through theUNFComputerCenter and the UNFLibrary.   BothIBM compatible and Macintosh computers are available.TheUniversityComputerCenter, located in theMatthews Building15,offerstrainingin theuseofcomputing equipment and systems. The Help Desk, also located in Building 15 and readily available by phone or via e-mail, is most helpful in addressing computing issues and problems that arise.  They are there for your use!  Additionally, thereare computerworkstations on the 3rd floor of TheBrooks CollegeofHealth, Building39, Room 3064 forstudent use.

    6.5 Library Facilities and Holdings

    TheUNFlibraryis a120,000 squarefoot facility covering fourfloors andcontainingmore than 650,000 holdings including52,000audio/visual units, 1.2 million micro format units, and 2,520 subscriptions to journals. Students will findmostofthetoptieredandmore nuancedcounseling,psychology,andrelatedinthelibrary.


    Theentirecardcatalogiscomputerized and students have access to dozens of computers on eachfloorofthelibrary.Computerized searchesareaccomplished easilythroughthelibrary system,LUIS. The on-linecataloghasboth in-libraryand remoteaccess.Interlibraryloans throughtheStateUniversitySystem are availableto students at nominalcharges. Many documents, includingolderjournals and all ERICdocuments, aremaintained on microfiche.


    C opymachinesareavailableon each libraryfloor. Additionally, thelibrarystaffprovidesgroup and individual instruction related to conducting computersearches, doing literaturereviews, etc. They also offeracomprehensiveguideto servicesavailableon-lineandinhardcopy.