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Brooks College of Health Criteria for Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty teach graduate courses (courses at the 5000 level or above), supervise and serve on thesis committees for master's degree students and vote on all matters presented to the Graduate Faculty. 


A graduate faculty member must:

  1. Hold the minimum rank of assistant professor at the University of North Florida;
  2. Hold the terminal degree, or its equivalent (meritorious clinical experience and/or scholarly activity in the specialty area may substitute for a terminal degree);
  3. Be tenured or tenure earning;
  4. Be involved in graduate teaching and/or research;
  5. Have demonstrated clear evidence of scholarly activity; and
  6. Be recommended by the faculty of the academic program, the Dean of the Brooks College of Health, and approved by the Graduate Council.

In some instances where currency in practice is a primary criterion for teaching practice related graduate courses, granting of graduate faculty status may be recommended for faculty with meritorious practice experience and/or scholarly activity in the specialty, who are appointed academically at the instructor level. Courtesy appointments to Graduate Faculty may be recommended on an ad hoc basis by the academic unit to the Dean. The Dean will request approval of the Graduate Council for such appointments, prior to the appointment.