Graduate Certificate in Partnerships with Individuals with Disabilities & their Families

Graduate Program Director & Advising Coordinator

Program Director


Application Deadlines

Fall Term . . . . . . . . August 1

Spring Term . . . . . December 1

Summer Term . . . March 15

Admission Requirements


University requirements:

  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study.
Additional program requirements:



  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in exceptional education, special education, deaf education, psychology, social work, public administration, elementary education, secondary education, educational leadership or related field.



Program Overview

This certificate program will offer professionals information and strategies to work collaboratively and in partnership with individuals who have disabilities and their family members or stakeholders. This certificate program is appropriate for educators, administrators, agency personnel, counselors, or others who interact with individuals with disabilities and their stakeholders. 

Special Notes about the Program

Practicum will give students the opportunity to develop a project that will strengthen partnerships with individuals and their families in their current work place or community. 



EEX5053 Foundations of Special Education and Services (3 credits)-Fall

EEX6402 Communication, Collaboration and Consultation Skills for Special Education (3 Credits)-Summer

EEX6732 Facilitation of Parent Interaction (3 Credits)-Summer

EEX6283 Social, Personal, and Career Skills for Exceptional Students (3 Credits) Spring

EEX6841 Practicum in Special Education (3 credits) Spring


Total Program
Credit Hours
Average Length
of the Program
1 year