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UNF Golf Colmplex Features Coming to the Hayt Learning Center

UNF's Golf Canopy(s)

UNF's Golf Complex at the Hayt Learning Center has two Mobile Golf Canopies. These Mobile Canopies are open to all customers. They allow you to use the range rain or shine without fear of weather conditions. The Canopies are equipped with fans to keep you cool in the summer and provide light for use after dark. Each canopy is 104' long and 26' deep and can accommodate up to 11 people at one time.

Below are UNF's Golf Canopies and a look under their hoods: 


A view of one of the UNF canopies with people training in its shade.


 The canopy will be gray in color and adorned with UNF logos.  The A Frames are painted blue.   


An underside view of canopy with fans to keep you cool during the day and  lights to see at night.  

On the underside of the canopy you will notice fans and lights to keep cool and easy viewing in the evening.

A vertical Line view from underneath a canopy featuring the varied lights and fans.

Here's a better view of the canopy's underside.  



The UNF Golf Complex is still making improvements to expand the grass tee but we are open normal hours and have plenty of room to hit balls . . .


The weather is beautiful and the complex is ready for your visit.  Beat the heat and hit balls under out 104’ canopy cooled by fans.  Rain?  Stay dry under the canopy and do not miss hitting balls even one day. 

For more information you can read this month's newsletter.