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Organization Facts

Alpha Phi was founded in 1872 by ten of the first female students at Syracuse University.  From our founding, the values of sisterhood, service and scholarship have been the foundation of Alpha Phi.  In our history, the leaders of our organization built the first sorority house in America, established the first traveling consultant program, created the Alpha Phi Foundation to support women’s heart health in 1956 and launched the first sorority website.  Alpha Phi is a home for women at 169 collegiate campuses across North America.


Nickname: "A-Phi”

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux

Symbol: Ivy Leaf

Motto: Union Hand in Hand 

Chapter Facts

Alpha Phi joined the UNF Panhellenic community in September 2015. Making the decision to become a North Florida Alpha Phi means you become a special part of our 143 year-old traditions. Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. We enhance and promote each member’s development and learning by focusing on sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty and character development. Alpha Phis are a group of women who share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to help one another and their community. Joining Alpha Phi means a lifetime of membership to a community that values these traits.


Recruitment Info

Panhellenic VP Recruitment: Sammi Beyer


President: Rachael Garland


Recruitment: Emily Laino