• Chapter presidents attend two meetings per semester with OFSL staff members. Meetings can be scheduled by emailing staff members. One meeting must occur before the 10th class day of the semester (unless otherwise mandated by OFSL) and the second meeting can be at any other time during the semester.
  • Chapter members (or applicable participants) attend all retreats, programs, and trainings sponsored by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • Chapter new member educator meets with an OFSL staff member prior to engaging in any new member activities for each semester the chapter intends to conduct a pledge program/intake process. A calendar of events must be presented at this meeting.

Forms and Paperwork:  

  • Chapter has an up-to-date insurance certificate on file with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Environmental Health and Safety that lists the University of North Florida as additional insured. 
  • Chapter is a member in good standing of an OFSL recognized governing council to be verified by a letter from the appropriate council. 
  • Chapter has national risk management policy and crisis management policy on file with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and updates and reviews these policies on a yearly basis. 
  • Chapter submits Risk Management Education Report prior to the last day of classes for each semester.  
  • Rosters
    • Chapter submits a membership roster by the second week of each semester, with status changes of members included. 
    • Chapter makes final corrections to the roster prior to November 10 in the Fall Semester and April 1 in the Spring Semester.  No further changes will be made after these dates. 
    • Chapter submits/updates their officers in ORACAL by the third week of each semester. 
    • Chapter has alumni advisor contact information on file with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. 
  • New Members
    • Chapter submits IFC and PC New Member Class Declaration Form or Intake Intent Form prior to beginning pledging or intake activities. 
    • Chapter submits NME Guidance Form prior to beginning pledging or intake activities. 
    • Chapter new members/pledges are in ORACAL within 3 days of accepting a bid, going through the pinning ceremony, or being approved to go through intake. 
      • A $50.00 fine is levied on each person who is not in ORACAL within 3 days.


  • Chapter and New Member Class semester Grade Point Averages are greater than a 2.5. 
  • All students looking to join the UNF Fraternity & Sorority community must have a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA.  
    • This must be verified by OFSL before the potential new member can be offered an invitation to associate with the chapter. 
    • To verify grades, please use the Grade Release Form.
Service and Engagement:
  • Chapter provides one hands on service project for membership at least once per semester.
  • Chapter has average of 10 service hours per member per year.
  • Chapter hosts one campus-wide event per year that is marketed to all students and adds value to the campus community.
Relevant Policies, Rules, Guidelines, Laws, Etc.    

Grade Release Procedures for Chapter Presidents:

The following process will be standard for any time a chapter requests a grade report. Grade reports will only be given in paper format and one copy at a time.  


Chapter Academic Agreement  

President brings in form with all signatures to OFSL. OFSL staff member keeps log of grade releases. When the president turns in the agreement, they get one printed copy of the grades and must sign the grade release log. The log will be verification that an OFSL staff member released the information to the correct person and what date the information was released.  


Grade reports can still be emailed to adviser and HQ for each chapter. All chapters where the adviser requests that grades not be released to undergraduates are honored.  


Chapter presidents can view (on screen) the information with an OFSL staff member at any time.

Chapters not meeting the minimum expectations face potential assistance/consequences based on their situation, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reservations: Chapters may have reservations suspended or revoked at the Student Union and campus academic space (this includes tabling) 
  • Academic Assistance Plan: Chapters will be placed on an academic plan (assistance)/probation to bring their grades to minimum standard 
  • Limited Activities: Chapters will limited on their ability to host participation in and/or the ability to host activities will be limited based on academic and/or conduct performance 
  • Warnings: Chapters will be given a warning with a period of time to correct the problems.  
  • Suspension: Chapters will be suspended from Campus for a period of time as deemed by the administration.  
  • Notification to National HQ – The OFSL will work in conjunction with your national HQ to help your chapter be successful. At any point that a chapter is not meeting minimum standards of the campus, OFSL will notify the national HQ. This provides the opportunity for the OFSL, Chapter, and HQ to work together as a team to bring the chapter into compliance and set them on the path for success.