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Foundation Scholarships

The University of North Florida Foundation has established endowments to fund scholarships for merit and need based students of UNF. The endowments come from the generosity of many individuals, alumni, local philanthropists, non profit organizations and corporations. Many dreams and goals are fulfilled along with enriching and life changing experiences made through their support.


As of July 2012, there are more than 250 endowments valued at $75 million. Over half of the endowments are designated as scholarships across the university. In June 2012, total paid scholarships were at $2 million to 872 students.




The following are students' experiences gained from scholarships and projects through UNF Foundation 


 Halamandaris Caring Internship to Washington, DC 

"This experience has taught me to truly be myself and throw myself out there. Moving to a new city, the nation's capital no less, I was a little intimidated. I have done a lot of things in my life, created some notable memories, but I will not forget spending time with these children in the District."

 Derek M. Davis, Junior, Health Administration

Honor Band Participation

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the various honor bands. I am thankful for the music department making a way for students like myself to represent the University, learn new music and network with other college musicians.”

Jasmine N. Butler, BA Criminal Justice 2007

Career Showcase

“This event provided me with an opportunity to interact with the local business community. I am very proud to have been part of such an important opportunity to network with potential employers.”

Albert D. Ritzhaupt, BS Computer & Information Sciences 2003, MBA 2004

Osprey Financial Group

“The Osprey Financial Group provided me an opportunity to practically apply investment concepts I have learned in the classroom. Being a member of the Osprey Financial Group has been an honor and a privilege.”

Patricia A.Tharpe, BBA Financial Services 2003, MBA 2005

Project GEO

“Project GEO (Geotechnical Earth Outreach) was a highly interactive experience. The students' inquisitiveness encouraged all participants to learn during the labs.”

Joy R. Laggui, BS Civil Engineering 2004

Study Abroad

"I am extremely proud to say that I studied at the prestigious Cambridge University, the same University as John Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Prince Charles. How many people can say that? My experience has heightened my curiousity about other cultures and areas of the world. I want to do more traveling and studying. Words cannot express what this opportunity has meant to me."

Carie M. Whitcomb, BA English 2008

Council on Undergraduate Research: Posters on the Hill

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given to begin as a researcher during my undergraduate years. Going to Washington DC to represent UNF out of 700 applicants across the nation was a truly wonderful experience. I am eager to attend graduate school and I aspire to one day be able to conduct my own research."
Marissa R. Lovvorn, BS Psychology, April 2011