Annual Report

Foundation President's Message

 UNF Foundation's Board PresidentIf I were to write a story about the UNF Foundation, it would not be one about an efficient and productive organization affiliated with a progressive, innovative university, although it is that. It would not be a story about a group that helps countless students receive a firstrate college education, although it is that as well.

My story about the UNF Foundationwould be about individual donors who are making a difference in their community each day.

It would be a story about Leonard and Eleanor Blanchart, individuals who are part of the Pathways to Success program and have been instrumental in making a personal investment in the lives of scores of students.


It would be a story about Vulcan Materials / Florida Rock Division, one of many corporate donors that recognize investing in students today will pay dividends tomorrow.

It would be a story about the Cascone Family Study Abroad Scholarship, one of the many family foundations that have decided to support a key element of the transformational education provided at UNF.

What is gratifying about my position, is watching stories such as these have happy endings when students who have benefited from these scholarships walk across the stage to receive their diploma from President John Delaney.

Each donor has a story. Some individuals have been motivated to give because of the wonderful experience they have had at UNF. Other individuals are motivated to give because they see the impact a college degree can have on the business and civic life of a community.

We invite anyone who wants to be part of this developing story to join us in writing their part in the history of this wonderful partnership. The UNF Foundation has many leveraged ways to satisfy a donor’s desire to have a meaningful impact on the lives of young people, our community and ourselves.

Russell B. Newton III, President,
UNF Foundation


2007-2008 Annual Report Meeting the Need