San Jose : Joseph Terreo

In April 1782 Joseph Terreo acquired a seventy-two-acre tract fronting on the St. Johns River between William G. DeBrahm's 1000-acre Christianbourg property and a tract belonging to Henry Strachey. Terreo came to East Florida in 1775, possibly as an early Loyalist refugee, and found work as a plantation overseer. He purchased two tracts in Durbin's Creek Swamp and the Twelve-Mile Swamp, along with a 500-acre property between the Cowford and Cedar River, before receiving the seventy-two-acre grant on the St. Johns River adjoining DeBrahm's land in today's San Jose neighborhood of Jacksonville.

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Goodby's Creek at its merger with the St. Johns River, with San Jose to the left and Beauclerc to the right. Joseph Terreo's tract was situated on the far left of this photograph, and was probably carved from William G. DeBrahm's 1,000-acre Christianbourg Plantation.

This surveyor's map shows land grants to Robert Davis, Henry Strachey, Joseph Terrio, and William G. DeBrahm, that are today sections of the San Jose and Beauclerc neighborhoods.

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