San Jose: Christianbourg

William G. DeBrahm, the Surveyor General of the Southern District of the North American colonies, was granted 1000 acres of land located immediately upriver from Jericho (or Chichester) Plantation. DeBrahm called his property Christianborough; it sat idle at least until Loyalist refugees established homesteads during the American Revolution. DeBrahm's property became the San Jose Plantation after the Spanish returned in 1784, owned then by Francisco Xavier Sanchez and later by Zephaniah Kingsley, Jr. Primarily a residential area today, the neighborhood is home to Epping Forest, Bolles School, San Jose Country Club, and the Jewish Community Alliance.

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The San Jose neighborhood of Jacksonville that was between 1768 and 1784 known as Christianbourg Plantation, granted to William G. DeBrahm, the Surveyor General of East Florida. Christianbourg extended from Lakewood Shopping Center to near Goodby's Lake.

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T77/4/3-W.G. DeBrahm.