Roger Kelsall

Upriver from (north of) Joseph Gray's tract, Roger Kelsall was awarded a 1,000-acre property. Kelsall, a Scot who migrated to South Carolina, was a partner of James Spalding's in the leading Indian trade company in British East Florida. Loyal to the Crown, Kelsall became a refugee planter in East Florida in 1776. Houses were built and sixty-five acres cultivated on a tract opposite Denys Rolle's settlement. Colonel Thomas Brown was Kelsall's neighbor. The trading company he and Spalding operated in East Florida was sold to William Panton and Thomas Forbes.

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The refugee tract granted to Loyalist Roger Kelsall after he fled from South Carolina in 1776 was in the vicinity of Palatka. Kelsall may have been granted the same property previously awarded to Joseph Gray, who settled in East Florida in the 1760s but subequently disappeared from the historical record.

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