Little Fort George Island

"A hammock island in the mouth of the St. Johns River measuring 22 ½ acres known as Little Fort George, bound on all sides by salt marsh," was granted to William Wilson on February 15, 1771. Governor Patrick Tonyn purchased the tract from Wilson shortly before the province was ceded to Spain. In his East Florida Claim (T77/10/9) Tonyn described it as "a Tract of Land containing 38&½ acres commonly called Little Fort George & Ditch pond." Tonyn valued the island at £50 Sterling.

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Looking upriver over the Mayport Basin for U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and the air station, with Little Fort George Island shown across the river on the right. Today, the tract granted to William Wilson in 1771 is known as Fanning Island and Batten Island. The plat map shown below shows Batten Island as an appendix on the far right of Little Fort George. The sand buildup in the right foreground resulted from construction of the jetties in the late nineteenth century. Sisters Creek, part of the Intracoastal Waterway, is visible at the end of Fanning Island. Pablo River can be seen across the St. Johns on the south.

Plat map for William Wilson

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T77/18/20-William Wilson; T77/17/10-Patrick Tonyn.