Emmanuel Lutterloh

In September 1769, Emmanual Lutterloh, Esquire, was granted 10,000 acres adjacent to government land reserved for the Cowford Ferry. The property extended from near the CSX Building to Big Fishweir Creek, or through the Brooklyn, Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods of today's Jacksonville. Lutterloh intended to resell the tract as soon as enough plantations had been established to drive up the speculative value of East Florida land. The entire 10,000 acres, however, remained idle until the 1780s when it was subdivided and parcels were granted to Loyalist refugees.

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The shoreline on the left, as far as the Acosta Bridge, the second bridge shown here, was part of Emannual Lutterloh's 10.000-acre tract that sat idle until 1782. It included today's Brooklyn, Riverside, and Avondale neighborhoods, all attractive possibilities for agricultural development.

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