Elias and Ann Horn, Loyalist Refugees

Located near John Burnett's property was the settlement of Elias and Ann Horn, Loyalist refugees from Georgia who refused to take up arms against England and fled to East Florida. Elias joined the King's troops and purchased a previously developed 400-acre property in 1775. Horn paid £448 Sterling for a house, kitchen, outbuildings, fruit orchard, a 100-acre field of provisions, and an "excellent sawmill." He added a blacksmith shop and a sawmill to cut lumber for export to the West Indies, cleared and planted an additional fifty acres, and bought a fire engine. Ann Horn operated a small retail store on Trout River until rebel invaders from Georgia plundered and destroyed all buildings and improvements in 1778. Elias later joined a militia unit and was mortally wounded on a mission in Georgia, leaving Ann in a "destitute situation." She and her two children were transported to Nova Scotia after the province was ceded to Spain and requested compensation for her losses in a a petition to the East Florida Claims Commission appointed by Parliament.

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Interstate 95 crosses Trout River between Downtown Jacksonville and the Jacksonville International Airport. The 400-acre tract purchased in 1775 by Ann and Elias Horn was locate in this general vicinity.

Petition to the East Florida Claims Commission Appointed by Parliament

"To His Excellency, John Parr Esquire, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia, and to His Majesty's Honorable Council. The Memorial of Ann Phillips, late Ann Horn, formerly of the Province of Georgia but last from East Florida.

Humbly Sheweth:

"That Elias Horn, late Husband to your Memorialist, at the commencement of the late unhappy dissensions in America was well Settled in the Province of Georgia and Possessed of very considerable Property but being ordered by the Rebels to take up arms against his Rightful sovereign he Peremptorily refused, in consequence of which he was forced to leave his family and property and escape to East Florida where he immediately joined the King's Troops under the Command of Colonel Thomas Brown of the Kings Rangers in which service he continued near two years. He then with great difficulty and loss of Property Effected the removal of his family from Georgia to the Province of East Florida in which Province he Purchased a Valuable Tract of Land Situated on Trout Creek containing four hundred acres, whereon was good buildings, an Excellent Saw Mill and One Hundred acres of Clear Land, under cultivation, the land also abounded with Excellent Timber to make lumber for the West India market, there was an easy navigation for large Schooners to the Spot and the Tar and Turpentine business could there be carried on to great advantage. But on the Retreat of Genl. Prevost to St. Augustine, the Rebels crossed the River St Marys and came to the House of the said Elias Horn where they Plundered and destroyed the Property mentioned in the annexed Schedule.

"The said Elias Horn, Husband to your Memorialist being soon after Sent by Governor Tonyn on business to Georgia, received from the Enemy a mortal wound of which he soon after Died leaving your Memorialist in a most destitute situation having then no prospects left her whereby she might maintain herself and family, save only the Profits of the mill and plantation before mentioned and this also She Soon after lost by the cession of East Florida to the King of Spain.

"Your Memorialist most humbly Prays your Excellency and the Hon'ble Council to take her case into consideration and grant her such relief as to your Excellency & Honors may seem [right].

"And your memorialist as in duty bound will ever pray,

Ann Horn"

"Rawdon, Nova Scotia, September 23, 1788. Schedule of Property belonging to Elias Horn. Lost in East Florida :

400 acres land on Trout Creek in East Florida whereon was good buildings with an excellent saw mill. 100 acres of land cleared and under cultivation, a good orchard of fruit trees and other advantages as stated in the foregoing memorial. Valued at £800.

  • 4 large Mahogany Tables 2 Small ditto, valued at £20
  • 1 Mahogany Desk £5 & 1 Bofet £5 for £10
  • 1 Clock Mahogany Case at £10
  • 12 Windsor Chairs 6 Plain ditto at £5
  • 2 China Dishes 6 Bowls 12 Plates, 3 Doz Cups and Saucers, all at £10
  • 4 Doz Wine glasses, 12 Tumblers at £1.16
  • 1 Copper Brewing Kettle held 100 gallons at £20
  • 1 pr. Of large scales with at least 50 weights of 50 & 56 Each. Valued at £20
  • 6 Iron Pots at total of £1.10
  • 1 Sett Blacksmith Tools Complete. Value £15
  • Carpenter & Ship Carpenters Tools. Value £20
  • 2 pr. Andirons 40sh; large trunk & chest Drawers 40sh. for total of £4
  • 2 large looking glasses. Value of £6
  • 4 large Decanters, total £1.
  • 1 pr. Cologne Hand mill Stones, valued at £2
  • 1 fire Engine valued at £5.
  • Whole am't £951.6"

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T77/14/11-Ann Phillips, widow of Elias Horn.