A plan was drawn in the late 1760s for a British town intended to span both shores of the Pablo River at its juncture with the St. Johns River. Had it been established, the town of Charlotta would have been partly situated at today's Mayport on the east and Queen's Harbor on the west. The town was never built.

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Pablo River can be seen beyond Mayport where it joins the St. Johns River. The town of Charlotta, had it been built, would have straddled the waterway, with equal parts of the town on each side of the river. Given the extensive marsh and lowland in the area, the plan was impractical, perhaps explaining why the town was never built.

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T77/17/10-Patrick Tonyn T77/23/unsorted fragments for Turpentine Island. The Plan for the intended town of Charlotta comes from the James Grant Papers, courtesy of Dr. Rob Clyde, Edinburgh, Scotland.