Six Mile Creek - Captain William Rainsford

Captain William Rainsford , one of East Florida 's earliest settlers after leaving the British army unit that first occupied St. Augustine , received a grant for 1,000 acres on Six Mile Creek in February 1768. On that grant Rainsford erected a water-powered sawmill that functioned for the remainder of the British occupation.


A United States Township Map drawn in 1835 names the Spanish era (1784-1821) owners of land that in the British years belonged to William Bartram, Alexander Gray, Witter Cumming, James Hume, Robert Hope, Captain William Rainsford, Joseph Burchum, William Jackson, and Dr. Robert Catherwood. The point on the map where the Federal Road from Tallahassee meets the west shore of the St. Johns River was the site of Fort Pupo, a Spanish defense work built prior to 1763.