ELLM/Plus Professional Development Training: 

In-Depth Implementation/Two-Day


ELLM/Plus Two-Day (6 hours each day) In-Depth Implementation Training is designed to help participants become skilled in implementing ELLM/Plus in their classrooms. Participants will learn how to use Instructional Packets, how to make their classrooms learning rich and fun for their children, and how to supplement their instruction using the many resource materials included in the ELLM/Plus Curriculum. Participants will have multiple opportunities to practice and receive feedback on key instructional strategies.




  • Building teachers’ skill in using the
    ELLM/Plus Monthly Instructional Packets
    to organize and implement literacy and language and content instruction each day and attend to differences in children’s progress and abilities.

  • Expanding teachers’ use of classroom organizational and interactional strategies to create language- and learning-rich classrooms.

  • Strengthening teachers’ abilities to plan
    and modify daily learning activities to meet children’s needs.

  • Expanding teachers’ use of strategies designed to build children’s background knowledge and vocabulary through one-on-one conversations and small group discussions.

  • Expanding teachers’ use of informal assessment to scaffold children’s learning
    in whole-group, small-group, and center settings. 
  • Expanding teachers’ use of instructional and interactional strategies to promote children’s language and literacy development through adult-child and child-child conversations.

  • Building teachers’ knowledge and skill to integrate literacy instruction across the content areas.

  • Building teachers’ effective use of the Teaching Table (small group instruction) and associated instructional strategies.

  • Building teachers’ knowledge and use of ELLM/Plus Targeted Instructional Practices (TIPs) to plan and reflect on daily practice.


  Two-Day Training

Date/Time:   Please call Howaida Mousa for more information 
Location:   University Center, University of North Florida
12000 Alumni Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32224* 

$375 per participant (includes training and materials)

Minimum of 10 participants required




Please call Howaida Mousa, Senior Grants Specialist, (904.620.2496) for Registration Information 

*Training outside the Jacksonville area requires travel costs determined by length and location of training.