2013 National Conference in Washington D.C. Making Connections between
Emergent and Digital Literacy: iPads and Letter Knowledge, Phonological
Awareness, Oral Language Development and Writing Skills presented by Dr. Bronwyn
McLemore and Ms. Kelly Maki



With hundreds of presentations and exhibits to choose from, there was something for everyone at the annual conference for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). More than 10,000 early childhood educators gathered in Washington D.C. November 20 – 23, making the NAEYC Conference the largest early childhood education conference in the world! F.I.E.’s presentation focused on effective teaching strategies for letter knowledge, phonological awareness, oral language development, and writing skills using iPads to strengthen instruction in each of these areas. We shared teaching strategies to improve children’s digital and emergent literacy skills with over 150 enthusiastic teachers, helping to develop 21st Century learners.



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