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At the Florida Institute of Education (FIE) at the University of North Florida, we believe that education at all levels, Prekindergarten through post-secondary, can be improved by working collaboratively with educators, children, families, and researchers. Through research, FIE seeks to inform policy and decision making, support early learning and 

PreK-12 educators, and positively impact families and communities in Florida.

FIE builds upon a rich body of research to advance learning in the following areas:

• Early and Emergent Literacy

• Social and Emotional Development

• Family Engagement

• Community-based After School Programs

• Technology in Education

• Strategic Coaching

• Program Evaluation and Research

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News and Announcements


Dr. Carlson is teaching a small group lesson with 4-year olds
focusing on robotics and programming concepts using KIBO.

 ILS Logo Dr. Tiffany Ohlson presented The Integration
of Emergent Writing, Research-Based
Instructional Strategies, and Technology:
Engaging Children and Maximizing
at the International Literacy
Association 2016 Annual Conference
in Boston, MA July 9-11, 2016

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Dr. Tiffany Ohlson presented Exploring
Programming and Robotics in Early
Childhood Classrooms
at the ISTE 2016
conference in Denver, Colorado
June 26-29, 2016.

 Robotics_Video_Image2   Robotics and Programming in Pre-K: RAPP
  The goal of the RAPP project was to strengthen
  children’s problem-solving abilities as they
  learned how to program KIBO while working
  collaboratively with their peers. Channel 4
  reports on researchers Deborah L. Carlson
  and Bronwyn McLemore working to improve
  Pre-K children’s STEM learning opportunities
  using KIBO the robot.
  Click here to view video

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