PreCollegiate Scholars Participate in College Campus Visits

Campus Visit 


The UNF/FIE PreCollegiate Connections: College Reach-Out Program (CROP) is committed to increasing the number of educationally disadvantaged students from low-income families who are prepared for success in high school, graduate from high school, and are then admitted to and successfully complete postsecondary education. As part of a college-going pipeline for low-income students in Jacksonville, CROP motivates students to pursue college through College Rallies, Weekly After-School Learning Sessions, Weekly College Conversations, and campus visits to local higher education institutions.


 In November, 6th grade PreCollegiate Scholars and their families visited UNF and participated in a campus-wide tour that included stops at Osprey Fountains, the Library, the Student Union, and the Sports Arena. The tour ended with lunch at the Student Union along with other college students allowing Scholars to experience the complete university atmosphere.  The 7th Grade PreCollegiate Scholars visited Florida State College at Jacksonville North Campus and learned about a variety of programs including vocational and training programs, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.  The 8th Grade PreCollegiate Scholars and their families will visit Edward Waters College on a Campus Visit to learn about college life and programs offered at a Historical Black College in January. These three Campus Visits provide PreCollegiate Scholars an opportunity to see a variety of post-secondary institutions.

Our hope is that they not only see, but believe, that college is a viable option for them also. For Additional Information concerning the UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections College Reach-Out Program please contact:


Norman Dickerson , M.SE.
Director, UNF/FIE Pre-Collegiate Connections College Reach-Out Program
University of North Florida
Florida Institute of Education
University Center
12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, Fl 32224-2678


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