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Frequently Asked Questions


Who attends the UNF Intensive English Language Program?

Students from all over the world ages 17 and older who would like to learn English and improve their English language skills at the Intensive English Language Program (ELP).

How are students placed?

New students take a placement test the week before classes begin.  The test consists of the speaking, reading, writing, grammar and listening sections. 


How long does it take to receive an I-20?   

Once you complete the application documents and pay the application/mailing fee, you will have the Form I-20 mailed to the address indicated in your application materials. You will receive a tracking number via email from the Immigration Specialist.

Do you offer scholarships? 

The program does not offer scholarships for first time ELP students, but are some scholarships for exceptionally hard-working and successful current students continuing to another semester.


Can I live on campus?  

English Language Program students have the option to live on campus. In order to secure on-campus housing, students will need to complete UNF housing contracts at least 4 weeks before their anticipated arrival.


How long is the program? 

Our program has two different semester options. Our full semester option is 13 weeks. The half semester is 7 weeks. Shorter special programs are only available to groups of at least 15 students.