Environmental and Sustainability Course List

Below is a list of undergraduate and some graduate courses that are either focused, related, or touch upon the topics of sustainability and/or the environment. Courses are divided by college, and are further subdivided by department. Course availability can vary from semester to semester so if you are interested in taking one or more of these courses, please consult the current course catalog or the appropriate department office. Also, courses may or may not help fulfill a degree program. Consult degree and elective requirements before taking courses



Sustainability can be defined as the fulfillment of society's present needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet those same needs. Usually, this involves the development of renewable resources that can limit or permanently end the use of non-renewable resources, which is applied to energy use, natural resources and assets of the environment overall. 


If sustainability is included in a course's curriculum, it shall be taught in the context of the relevant academic discipline; however, it shall be guided by the principles of how the natural world operates, human interaction with the environment and the effects of this relationship, how cultures as a whole interact with the environment, and the frameworks created and adopted for managing the environment and moving toward more sustainable practices. 



* demarcates that course contains prerequisites

† demarcates a graduate level courses