Campus Natural Assets Inventory (CNAI)

Part of Campus Designated the "Sawmill Slough Preserve"

On May 24, 2006, UNF President John Delaney designated approximately 383 acres of the UNF campus as the Sawmill Slough Preserve. The preserve includes the original Sawmill Slough, a wetland habitat stretching through the western portion of the campus from Central Parkway to J Turner Butler Boulevard. In addition to the wetland, small areas of drier habitat including some longleaf pine-turkey oak woodlands may be found in the Preserve. The stated purpose of the Preserve is to "assure that the Sawmill Slough Preserve will persist in a natural condition."


The Preserve will protect the natural water drainage of the slough through campus as well as the native plants and animals associated with this habitat. The Preserve is a great place for a quiet hike or to view wildlife. The Preserve is managed by a Sawmill Slough Preserve Curator who reports to the Sustainability Committee. The preserve curator is Mr. Chuck Hubbuch. Located on the preserve are the Robert W. Loftin Nature Trails, which are 5 miles of trails complemented with interpretive education signs named after the distinguished UNF professor. The trails serve as a means for students to connect to nature without ever having to leave the UNF campus. The Sawmill Slough Preserve and the Robert W. Loftin Trails are by far one of the most unique and amazing assets of any Florida university.


Campus Natural Assets Inventory (CNAI)

As a first step in expanding the use of UNF campus natural resources for teaching and research, the UNF Environmental Center has begun a Campus Mapping & Natural Assets Inventory (CNAI) project. When complete, the inventory will be the foundation for creating materials that will make educational experiences related to nature more accessible to UNF students and the public. A task force composed of representatives of the UNF administration and faculty lead the project, which is the first step in a long needed Campus Natural Areas Management Plan


Mr. Chuck Hubbuch, Assistant Director of Physical Facilities and Curator of the Sawmill Slough Preserve has been steadily working on an inventory of the native plants located on the UNF campus' natural areas since 2006. Beginning in 2011, the UNF Environmental Center sponsored two graduate students from the Biology Department to focus on the inventory, fill the gaps and address complex groups like the grasses and sedges. Jason McGregor and Will Seemer have contributed 121 new species to the campus inventory and 11 new species to the Duval Country record. The CNAI project is a collaborative effort between UNF faculty, staff and students and is an important step in maintaining and protecting UNF's natural resources.



New Duval County Vouchered Specimens from the UNF Sawmill Slough Preserve

UNF Environmental Center employee Jason McGregor, with assistance from the Preserve Curator Chuck Hubbuch, has vouchered 11 new species for Duval County through his work with the Campus Natural Assets Inventory (CNAI). Below is a list of the vouchered species, which were verified through the University of South Florida Herbarium.  


       (Family - Genus species - Common Name) 

  1. Cistaceae - Helianthemum nashii - Florida scrub frostweed
  2. Cyperaceae - Eleocharis equisetoides - jointed spikerush
  3. Fabacae - Macroptilium lathyroides - wild bush bean
  4. Lythraceae - Lythrum alatum var. lanceolatum - winged loosestrife
  5. Euphorbiaceae - Croton michauxii - rushfoil, Michaux's croton
  6. Euphorbiaceae - Euphorbia graminea - grassleaf spurge
  7. Fabaceae - Alysicarups ovalifolius - false moneywort, alyce clover
  8. Fabaceae - Desmodium triflorum - threeflower ticktrefoil
  9. Polygonaceae - Polygonella polygama var. polygama - October flower
  10. Euphorbiaceae - Chamaesyce hypericifolia - graceful sandmat
  11. Poaceae - Panicum repens - torpedo grass

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  (This map comes from the 2010-2020 UNF Master Plan)

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