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Documentation Requirements & Registration with the DRC 


Staff at the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at the University of North Florida (UNF) have developed a set of documentation guideline forms which will assist the staff in identifying appropriate academic accommodations to registered students. These guidelines provide students, professional diagnosticians, and service providers with a common understanding and knowledge base of those components of documentation necessary to validate the existence of a disability and the need for reasonable accommodations. The documentation must indicate that the disability substantially limits the student in some major life activity, including learning.


Providing documentation to the DRC is voluntary, though students may not receive any accommodations without completing the registration process with the DRC.

The following documentation forms in Word format are provided in the interest of assuring that documentation of a disability demonstrates an impact on a major life activity, is appropriate to verify eligibility, and supports the request for accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aides.  Documentation reports or letters from licensed providers in the specific disability area of expertise are also accepted. IEP’s are a valuable resource for information, but cannot be used as documentation of a disability

Licensed mental health professionals include:



Clinical Social Worker

Mental Health Counselor

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (ANCC)


A list of providers not affiliated with UNF in the Jacksonville area, is available upon request.

The UNF Counseling Center may not provide this type of documentation required by the DRC.

The DRC will adhere to its confidentiality policies regarding its responsibility to maintain confidentiality of the evaluation and will not release any part of the documentation without the student’s informed consent or under compulsion of legal process. Students are under the protection of the Privacy Act and need not disclose any information regarding the nature of their disability to anyone outside the DRC office.


Registration Procedures 


Once the DRC has received and reviewed the student’s documentation, the student will be invited to register for services and accommodations from the DRC. This will be a personal meeting between the student and DRC staff members. Receipt of accommodations will be based on recommendations in the documentation and discussion with the student.


Steps to New Student Registration


Step 1:  Send in your current disability documentation by logging into your myWings student user account with your N number and password and navigate to Student Tab>My Records>and select the “Clockwork” link and then select the “Online Intake” Link from the Clockwork student portal. By choosing the Online Intake link in the student user portal you will be able to fill out the Online Intake form and upload your documentation for review. Please refer to the “Documentation Guidelines” section to download any necessary forms to provide to appropriate medical professionals for the documentation of your specific disability. 


If you are providing documentation to us prior to receiving your myWings user account you may provide documentation to our office through the following means:


Drop it off at the DRC in person, Building 57 room 1500

Fax to the DRC office – 904.620-3874

Scan and email their documents to the DRC office –

Alternatively, documentation can be mailed to the DRC.


Our address is;

University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive, Building 57, Room 1500

Jacksonville, Florida 32224-7699


Upon receipt of your documentation a DRC staff member will review the materials. You may also submit your Individual Educational Plan (IEPs) and Summary of Performance (SOPs), but these documents do not substitute for the documentation requirement, you will still need to provide documentation from an accredited medical professional. You will be contacted if additional information is needed to determine eligibility for services.


Step 2:  Expect an email in your myWings Outlook user account from the DRC Educational Coordinator to schedule an appointment after all necessary documents are received and reviewed.


Step 3:  You will need to attend a face to face registration appointment with the DRC Educational Coordinator or a DRC staff member to determine appropriate accommodations based on the submitted documentation and to discuss your specific needs.


Initial Registration/Online Intake through Clockwork Student Portal


myWings Link to access Clockwork Student Portal Homepage Follows;


Path: myWings>Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork;


Initial Registration/Online Intake Information Packet Download Link in Word format Follows; 


Clockwork New Registration with DRC


Initial Registration/Online Intake Embeded Youtube Video Follows; 



YouTube Link:




Scheduling Appointments in Clockwork Student Portal 


Path: myWings>Student Tab>My Records>Clockwork


Appointment Scheduling Information Packet Download Link Follows; 


Clockwork Online Appointment Scheduling


Appointment Scheduling Embeded Youtube Video Follows; 



YouTube Link: