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DRC Programs and Services


UNF Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) promotes and facilitates partnership among UNF students with disabilities and the UNF community. Registration and services are voluntary, confidential and free of charge to all UNF students with documented disabilities.


Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at the University of North Florida. The DRC promotes self-determination and self-advocacy of students with disabilities throughout the university community. In addition, the DRC partners with other units on campus to ensure that students with disabilities are provided the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.


Who does the DRC serve?

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities that include but are not limited to:

Learning disabilities (for example: reading, writing, math, memory or processing disabilities)

ADHD and ADD, Physical disabilities, Medical disabilities, Traumatic head injury

Blind or low vision, Deaf or hard of hearing, Speech disabilities, Psychological

or emotional disabilities, Autism/Asperger's and Other diagnosed disabilities


How do I receive services after my acceptance to UNF?

Apply for services as early as possible.

Provide documentation which meets DRC guidelines.

Register for services at the DRC when documentation is approved.

Provide accommodation letters to your professors.


How are postsecondary accommodations different from those in high school?

Disclosure of your disability is voluntary.

Registration with the DRC is the student’s responsibility.

Communication with the faculty is initiated by the student.

Student information is disclosed to anyone only with signed permission from the student (FERPA).


What are examples of accommodations I may receive?

Extended time on tests

Note takers

Sign language interpreters

Use of computers, calculators, spell check devices

Alternate Text

Assistive technology


What are additional services at the DRC?

Seminars to enhance academic success

Peer support groups

Scholarship opportunities

Support services for faculty

Resource library

Blackboard site (electronic classroom)


Student Advisory Council

DRC staff availability

Students Helping Students for temporary impairments



DRC Testing Lab Stations and Assistive Technology 


The DRC has assistive software available for registered student use including; JAWS screen reader, Zoom Text screen reading magnifier, Dragon speech to text, Kurzweil 3000 and Sonocent note capture software as well as other applications. Please meet with a DRC staff member to discuss available options.

A DRC registered student may make a request through our office to have any assistive software or hardware utilized by the DRC installed in a campus classroom or lab in association with a course they are currently enrolled in. The DRC will work with Information Technology Services and/or Physical Facilities to ensure that the device or software is properly installed for registered student use in the course.


For non-course related assistive software and device need around campus please contact Information Technology Services and the ADA Compliance Office.

ADA Compliance Contact: phone (904) 620-2870; email


Information Technology Services Contact: phone (904) 620-4357; email


The DRC also has assistive hardware available for registered student use. Devices available include; CCTV magnifier’s, portable video magnifiers, assistive listening devices, Sorenson video relay equipment, daisy players, digital recorders, smart pens, flatbed scanners, lab computer’s with twenty four inch displays, alternative input devices, wheel chair accessible tables and testing stations, rooms with outward opening doors and automatic door openers as well as other assistive hardware devices.  Please contact DRC staff for further details.


UNF Library Assistive Technology

The UNF Library has assistive technology hardware and software available in the Adaptive/Assistive Tech Lab in Room 2300B on the second floor, Room 4106 on the fourth floor, in the first floor commons area as well as on other work stations in the Library. All areas are accessible by elevator. Please ask the library staff for assistance in finding and utilizing assistive technology in the library. The library has JAWS, Zoom Text, Windows speech recognition, CCTV Magnifier’s, flatbed scanners, wheel chair accessible tables, automatic door openers, Sorenson video relay equipment and other devices and software to assist students with disabilities.



ACCESS Academy: Let us give you a BOOST to success! 


ACCESS Academy is a service offered throughout the year, known as ‘BOOST Sessions,’ and is offered through the DRC on campus. Sessions begin each semester and are typically held once a week for three or four weeks, and are at least one hour in length each week.

Advancing College Competency: Encouraging Student Success (ACCESS) Academy is a privately funded program unique to the disability resource center on campus. ACCESS Academy is designed to enhance strategic learning skills and BOOST your chance of getting and staying ahead of the game. We want YOU to reach YOUR fullest potential throughout YOUR college experience! ACCESS Academy is offered to eligible UNF students who are currently registered with the DRC. In order to be eligible for ACCESS Academy, students are required to be enrolled in at least one course AND the course must be related to the session topic in order to be eligible for the completion stipend. Attendance in all sessions per topic are mandatory and out-of-session assignments must be completed in a timely manner in order to be eligible for the stipend.


Additional Benefits Include:

-Participants will receive a stipend at the successful completion of each boost session.

-Participants will have the opportunity to be KEYS for future ACCESS Academy participants next semester.

-Quick Apps’ assistance is available anytime throughout the semester if you are not able to enroll in a session. Quick Apps are a one-time only supplemental session that focuses on one identified topic and is facilitated through existing KEYS’ participants.

-YOU, YES YOU, will earn $100.00 at the completion of each session!

Session areas will include:

LMS Strategies

Study Strategies

Beg. & Adv. Writing

Beg. & Adv. Time Management


Test-taking Strategies

Career Strategies I & II

Stress Management


Please contact Dr. Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Phone: (904) 620-5747




THRIVE: Transition to Health, Resources, Independence, Viable careers, and Education 



Across the nation, hundreds of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are applying and enrolling in institutions of higher education. At the University of North Florida (UNF), we are proud to serve and support UNF students with ASD on campus. To ensure UNF students with ASD experience successful collegiate benchmarks, THRIVE was created and developed by dedicated staff within the disability resource center (DRC) and the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS). Unique to UNF and the DRC, THRIVE focuses on three primary areas of need including (a) social skills, (b) independent and responsible living skills, and (c) career development skills. These core components comprise the fundamental premises of THRIVE and consist of a series of steps to achieve competency in each of the three areas. Using students' strengths and skills, THRIVE staff will assist and support student-directed goals in each area identified by the student. THRIVE was first developed in 2012, under the direct guidance of the former DRC director, along with three UNF students. THRIVE has continued to grow and remain sustainable with invested partnerships across campus, allowing THRIVE to be available to eligible and accepted students at no additional cost


THRIVE Mission Statement:

To provide supplemental resources for degree-seeking students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at the University of North Florida.


THRIVE Vision:

THRIVE seeks to provide supplemental strategic supports for degree-seeking students with ASD at UNF. With additional services in social communication skills, independent living skills, and career development skills, THRIVE continues to support students across all facets of UNF from freshmen to graduate students. This is to ensure that THRIVE students at UNF have the greatest opportunities for success within the collegiate environment with generalizable skills to life beyond UNF. THRIVE believes that these basic supplemental services should be provided to students at no additional cost, therefore, involvement in THRIVE is free for eligible participants.



The student leadership committee plans and facilitates social events both on and off campus. Engaging in community opportunities such as volunteering, public speaking events, high school outreach, and other community involvement encourage THRIVE students to become active and contributing members of the surrounding Jacksonville area. Each year, the student leadership team (SLC) hosts, coordinates, and facilitates our Community Learning Opportunity (CLO) where Jacksonville business and community members have the opportunity to meet and interact with THRIVE students in an educational and safe environment. Guests are provided the opportunity to hear firsthand what it is like to hire an individual with ASD, work alongside, and sometimes even work for an employer with ASD. In return, invited guests can provide students with firsthand information that will help prepare students for the work force and for pursuing competitive employment upon graduating from UNF.


On campus, THRIVE has built and maintained successful partnerships with campus organizations, clubs, and departments including the counseling center, the LGBT center, Housing & Residence life, Greek life, the DRC, and the center for Academic Excellence.


Interested in learning more about THRIVE?

Please feel free to call the DRC at (904) 620-2769 or email at


Interested in applying to THRIVE?

**Please note that admission to UNF and registration with the DRC does NOT guarantee admission to THRIVE. In order to be considered as a potential THRIVE participant the following is required:

Students must be admitted and currently enrolled at UNF

Students must be registered with the disability resource center

Students can request a THRIVE application form only after 1 & 2 have been confirmed

Students have submitted a hard copy signed application form to the DRC/THRIVE staff office

Students have successfully completed an interview with THRIVE staff