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Disability Resource Center







The Disability Resource Center (DRC) promotes and facilitates partnerships among UNF students with disabilities and the UNF community. The primary mission of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at the University of North Florida.

Please visit the following categories and learn how the DRC can be of service to you!

Learn About The THRIVE Program!


THRIVE seeks to provide supplemental strategic supports for degree-seeking students with ASD at UNF. With additional services in social communication skills, independent living skills, and career development skills, THRIVE continues to support students across all facets of UNF from freshmen to graduate students.



THRIVE Program Page


THRIVE Transition to Success Conference


Registration is now open!! Please share, comment, like, forward, whatever you can do in preparation for


this event! 


 THRIVE Transition to Success Conference Sign Up Page

Learn About ACCESS Academy at the DRC!


ACCESS Academy is designed to enhance strategic learning skills. This service is offered throughout the year as ‘BOOST Sessions’ through the DRC on campus. Sessions begin each semester and are typically held once a week for three or four weeks, and are at least one hour in length. There is monetary compensation for each successfully completed session.



ACCESS Academy Page





The Disability Resource Center uses the Clockwork application and web portal for exam and appointment scheduling as well as accommodations renewal.

Please use the following links to access the Clockwork platform: