Diversity and Inclusion Research Grant

Purpose: To facilitate scholarly productivity in the area of diversity and inclusion. Two $4,000 awards will be given to full-time faculty members who are developing or continuing research in the area of diversity and inclusion. 


Outcome: To enhance the presence of diversity and inclusion on UNF’s campus, consistent with the mission of the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion.


Selection Criteria:

  1. Faculty members eligible for such grant must hold a full time faculty position at the University of North Florida.
  2. Proposals will be accepted from those beginning research in diversity and inclusion and those with previous achievements in the area.
  3. No more than two research grants will be given in any one year.     

2015 Diversity and Inclusion Research Grant Recipients


Dr. Chris Johnson Dr. Chiradip Chatterjee

Dr. Christopher K. Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair, Economics and Geography, and Dr. Chiradip Chatterjee, Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics and Geography, "Gender, Racial and Ethnic Barriers to Building Trust: Experiments on Large Group Trust Games" Joint Award

Dr. Curtis Phills
Dr. Curtis Phills, Assistant Professor, Psychology, "Are the eyes the window to the soul...and a job? Investigating the Relationship Between Racial Eye Gaze Disparity and Hiring Decisions"

2014 Diversity and Inclusion Research Grant Recipients

Dr. Sophie Maxis
Dr. Sophie Maxis, Assistant Professor, School Counseling, “A Behind the Scenes Look at First-Generation Support at UNF: Why it Matters for All Ospreys”

Dr. Suzie Weng

Dr. Suzie S. Weng, Assistant Professor, Social Work, “Asset Mapping of Resources in the Jacksonville for the Asian-American Community”

2013 Diversity and Inclusion Research Grant Recipients

Dr. Lynne Carroll
Dr. Lynne Carroll, Professor, Psychology, “LGBT Elders in Northeast Florida”


Dr. Judith Rodriguez Dr. Delores Truesdell

Dr. Judith C. Rodriguez, Chair/Professor, Brooks College of Health/Nutrition and Dietetics, and Dr. Delores D. Truesdell, Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics, “Increasing the Number of Dietitians from Underrepresented and Disadvantaged Groups,” Joint Award

2012 Diversity and Inclusion Research Grant Recipients

Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder

Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder, Assistant Professor, Sociology, “Diversifying the Professoriate in the State of Florida : Implications for Policy and Practice”


Dr. Richmond WynnDr. Sharon Wilburn

Dr. Richmond Wynn, Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, “Intersectionality of Identity, Culture Centered Counseling and Research,” and Dr. Sharon Tamargo Wilburn, Professor, Public Health, “Cross-cultural and Intergenerational Communication and Counseling,” Joint Award