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The Smarthinking whiteboard is used whenever you drop-in for live tutoring, submit a question, or participate in a pre-scheduled tutoring session. The whiteboard allows you and your tutor to enter text, symbols, and drawings that identify and help answer your questions. 


As with any web-based technology, there can be glitches during use. If there are any connectivity issues with your session, you may be disconnected from your whiteboard session. These connectivity issues are often temporary, and easily overcome. If your problems persist, or if you need additional assistance with using the whiteboard, you should contact Smarthinking Support (but remember that there could be a 24-hour turnaround on response time.)


How does it work?

Using the whiteboard can be a little particular until you get used to it. Fortunately, Smarthinking offers a whiteboard practice session, which is available under Academic Resources.

Whiteboard Practice1

What do the icons mean?

Here's a quick look at what the icons on the top and left do. You can also hover over them to get a tool tip. Most of the tools function in the same way:

  • Select the tool by left clicking on the icon.
  • Then left click on the whiteboard where you would like the item placed, and hold the mouse down while you drag to create the image (size/shape) that you want.
Whiteboard-left icons


Whiteboard-top icons