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Scheduled vs. Drop-In Tutoring 

As mentioned on the Services page; there are certain benefits and disadvantages to each of the different tutoring options offered through Smarthinking. This is perhaps MOST important when looking at Scheduled Tutoring and Drop-In Tutoring. 


Scheduled Tutoring Advantage Beware
  • Good for ongoing assistance needs
  • Able to choose specific tutor
  • All subjects are available for live help
  • Able to schedule multiple sessions in advance; good for planning out semester needs
  • Have to plan ahead!
  • Sessions must be planned 48 hours in advance
  • Only able to join scheduled sessions within 10 minutes of scheduled start time (before or after)
Drop-In Tutoring Advantage Beware
  • Easy
  • Immediate
  • Great for help with surprise areas you need help with on the fly, or for refreshers
  • Not all subjects are available for live help
  • Not able to choose specific tutor