Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Tuition & Fees

Online Accelerated-Term Programs Tuition & Fees

Some distance learning programs at the University of North Florida have approved non-standard tuition, e.g., market rate or cost recovery tuition. The tuition and fee assessments for these programs vary, and are shown in a separate table "Non-Standard Program Tuition and Fees" on the UNF Tuition & Fees page.


Note: Tuition and fee amounts do not include textbooks or other course materials that may be required.

For additional information on tuition & fees please contact the Student Financial Services Office.


Online Accelerated-Term Programs Policy

Online accelerated-term programs and courses approved for non-standard tuition are regulated by additional policies and guidelines that vary from the University policies and guidelines for standard programs.  


Students enrolled exclusively in online accelerated-term programs are regulated by the additional guidelines and procedures outlined in the Online Accelerated-Term Programs Policy [2.0860P]. In part, this policy states the following:

Tuition and Fees:
Accelerated-term online programs with market rate or cost recovery tuition and the courses contained therein are not eligible for University tuition waivers or exemptions. Therefore, students in these programs or taking these courses will not be eligible for State Tuition Waiver (BOG 7.008), Employee Education (EEP), or Tuition Scholarship (TSP) benefit programs available to UNF personnel and dependents (UNF 11.0040).

Students in accelerated-term online programs or taking courses in these programs will be responsible for all fines and penalties as approved by the University Board of Trustees, including but not limited to late payment fee, NSF, convenience fee, etc. (BOG 7.003).

Refer to the full Online Accelerated-Term Programs policy for clarification of additional university policies as they relate to these programs.

Online Accelerated-Term Calendar

Notice: As of Fall 2016, 8-week accelerated terms became parts of the standard semester term. 

              Modules are referred to as parts-of-term:  1st Half (1H) and 2nd Half (2H) of each term.


The Online Accelerated-Term Calendar contains information that applies only to students enrolled in the online programs which follow 8-week accelerated (not full semester) parts-of-terms. Unless otherwise indicated, all official university dates and deadlines are maintained on the Academic Calendar. Distance learning students enrolled in online classes and most online programs should refer to the UNF Academic Calendar for important registration and financial deadlines.



Online Accelerated-Term Programs: Financial Deadlines and Late Registration


As part of the standard terms, Tuition and Fees must be paid or pended by the dates posted on the UNF Academic Calendar

Late Registration and Drop/Add period applies for 1H and 2H courses in accelerated-term programs. 

View the UNF Academic Calendar and  the Online Accelerated-Term Calendar for posted dates. 


Students in accelerated-term programs register for both parts-of-term 1H and 2H during the same registration period. Students are encouraged to register for 1H and 2H courses as soon as the registration period opens. 


If you have questions about distance learning tuition, fees, or policies, contact Distance Learning Student Services (DLSS) at (904) 620-DLSS (3577)  or