Distance Learning Dashboards

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The Distance Learning dashboards provide real-time statistics about the DL effort at UNF, as related to students, faculty, courses and programs. Statistics can be reported on select years, or multiple at once. Simply click on the button next to the year(s) in question, and the data will self-populate on the charts beside it.

  • Dashboard 1: # of course sections, # of unique courses, exclusive instructional mode headcount (DL & hybrid only), course enrollments 

  • Dashboard 2: % of course sections, % of unique courses

  • Dashboard 3: average class size (lower, upper, graduate), course sections taught by FT/PT faculty

  • Dashboard 4: student headcounts by class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, posbacc, masters, doctoral, special), student headcounts by college/department/major

Dashboard 2

  • % of course sections
  • % of unique courses