About Distance Learning (DL)


Distance education in general can be defined as the formal dissemination of instructive curricula which is not dependent upon time or place via the use of multiple delivery options such as audio, video, multimedia communications and computer technologies. Student learning by means of distance learning techniques provides for challenging and collaborative academic opportunities and requires the use of pedagogical methods which include course design, synchronous, and asynchronous communication, and special instructional techniques. At UNF, a distance learning course is defined as one in which at least 80 percent of the direct instruction of the course is delivered utilizing some form of technology when the student and faculty member are separated by time, space or both.


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Distance Learning Policy

The University of North Florida supports the development of distance learning courses for the purpose of meeting the needs of our existing students in a manner that is consistent with our mission.  In so doing, distance learning at UNF will: 

  • Employ the best pedagogical practices based on the existing research literature
  • Be developed for courses in which distance learning technologies are compatible with the highest level of student learning, interaction and engagement 
  • Be developed for courses primarily at the upper-division and graduate level with enrollments that ensure the highest level of student interaction and engagement
  • Be developed to increase access for existing students through alternative scheduling options, particularly during the summer term 
  • Be developed to enhance the ability of students to construct fulltime class schedules thus expediting time-to-graduation (and improving UNF’s graduation rates)

See the university's formal distance learning policy here.