About Distance Learning (DL)

The University of North Florida offers several fully online degrees and certificates, as well as hundreds of distance learning course sections each semester to meet the needs of our students. These courses employ the best pedagogical practices based on the existing research literature and are designed to promote high levels of student interaction and engagement.


Several UNF online programs have been named in the Best Online Program ranking by U.S.News and World Reports and UNF was recognized by Affordable Colleges Online, earning a place on AC Online’s list of “Online Colleges in Florida That Win on Affordability. UNF is ranked #3 among hundreds of accredited online nursing schools in the country by Affordable Colleges Online, for exceptional curriculum, cost, resources, and accessibility.

Distance education can be generally defined as the formal dissemination of instructive curricula which is not dependent upon time or place via the use of multiple delivery options such as audio, video, multimedia communications and computer technologies. At UNF, a distance learning course is defined as one in which at least 80 percent of the direct instruction of the course is delivered utilizing some form of technology when the student and faculty member are separated by time, space or both.


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